Holiday Wish List – Coach Chris LaLanne

Coach Chris LaLanne comes from a fitness family, runs one of the top CrossFit affiliates in the country, and is a successful entrepreneur. Wouldn’t you like to know what HE put on his wish list?

We know how hard it is to holiday shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas AND let you get to know all of us at a bit better. We asked our writers, featured coaches, and guest contributors if they could pick ANY 10 fitness/sports/health related items to put on a Holiday Wish List, what would they pick?

Check out what Coach Chris put on HIS wish list this year!

Chris’ Holiday Wish List

This is a list of items that would enhance my life personally from day to day, making every part a bit more fun. I’ve started small and then went big… real big. It all just depends on how much extra cash we’ve got on hand…or shall I say how much “Santa” is willing to spend! Some of these are over the top and others are quite necessary!

Here goes…

1. Lock-Jaw Barbell Collars – $45.00

This will be the latest addition to the LaLanne Fitness free weight stack. Over the years I’ve been through many variations of barbell collar and this one is the best, hands down!

2. RX Jump Ropes – $34.95

If you want to master double-unders, a custom jump rope is the key. RX Jump ropes are the best. Owner Dave Newman is also a CrossFit coach so he works hard to make sure you get better – “One size does not fit in all in the world of jump ropes. Having a jump rope that is properly fitted to your body and jumping mechanics makes all the difference in the world. Every Rx Jump Rope is custom made when ordered by the athlete.”

3. Super Franks – $100.00

This is our son Jackson’s favorite place to go for entertainment and they’ve also got a few games for daddy – “Super Franks was created ‘By Parents, For Parents’ which means we want to enjoy this place as much as our kids.” He’s now 14 months old and spending time with him gets more fun every day. I don’t think they offer it but if I could buy a season pass, I sure would.

4. Kelty Satellite 30°F Sleeping Bag – $139.95

A camping trip is in my near future and I’m going to neep a cozy sleeping bag – “Bringing the sleeping comforts of home into the backcountry, the Kelty Satellite 30°F double-wide rectangular bag is designed for camping couples.”

5. Strength Training with Mark Rippetoe – $100.00-300.00/hour

Mark Rippetoe is my favorite strength coach. Not only does he have a great sense of humor, he’s an author, lecturer, and owner of Wichita Falls Athletic Club. If you are serious about getting stronger, read his book Starting Strength 2nd Edition today! It is on my bucket list to get a few workouts in with the man himself!

6. RayBan RB 2027 Predator 2 Sunglasses – $165.00

Raybans are my favorite. According to their website – “The unapologetic wrapped fit sunglasses create a sporty look that is both casual and athletic. The end result is an authentic statement piece that is bold, iconic, and unmistakably Ray-Ban.”

7. Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting Speaker System – $1,398.95

The addition of new stereo speakers could instantly enhance the experience in our new 6,000 square foot CrossFit gym. Awesome music would equate to awesome workouts. Everyone knows there is nothing better than Bose systems. If these bad boys are capable of rocking your favorite night club, imagine what they could do for your next workout!

8. Inov-8 Bare-X Lite™ 150 – $110.00
The best shoe for CrossFit, hands down – “The lightest, most minimalist shoe in the Road range. Quick lace and perfect for race day. The 3D Air Mesh upper is tongue-less and stretchy to ensure a secure, comfortable fit.”

9. 2XU Men’s Elite Compression Tights – $185.00
I never thought wearing tights would make me faster and stronger but I was wrong. Get them and you’ll see why – “During exercise your muscles are exposed to vibration. This major cause of muscle fatigue is called muscle oscillasion and can be reduced by wearing 2XU compression tights. This leads to greater strength, endurance and overall performance.”

10. Vantare Platinum Plus Class A Motorcoach by Featherlite – $2.5 Million

I’ve always wanted to go on tour. What better reason to go on tour than to visit CrossFit affiliate across the country? Especially in the world’s most expensive RV! “Your home on wheels…or maybe a Beverly Hills mansion on wheels! The Vantare Platinum Plus Class A Motorcoach is luxury at its finest.That’s what you get for $2.5 million.”