Author: Chris LaLanne

The surname LaLanne is a well-known one, not just in the field of fitness, but in the world beyond. Most of us have some exposure to the teachings of health-and-exercise guru, Jack LaLanne. Surprisingly, only one member of Jack’s family has followed in his footsteps. Jack’s grandnephew, Chris LaLanne is our newest featured coach and the owner of LaLanne Fitness. Although Chris was active athletically his whole life, he never excelled to the level his friends did in competitive sports. Chris found his outlet in two different manners – first, by training and competing in bodybuilding, and second, by helping his friends get strong. Chris went on to earn a degree in Kinesiology from San Diego State and become a trainer, and then in 2006 he discovered CrossFit. Chris' three weeks of featured programming are based on the CrossFit methodology, but you will also see a lot of strength work incorporated into the workouts. These workouts are designed to expose you to a variety of skills and movements, while building your strength and conditioning. To learn more about Chris, read our two part interview: Featured Coach: Chris LaLanne, Part 1 – The Family Tradition Featured Coach: Chris LaLanne, Part 2 – Coaching Challenges

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