Holiday Wish List – Coach Mindith Rahmat

Mindith is a Renaissance woman – mom, scholar, and athlete. Her fitness regimen includes everything from kettlebells, to Olympic weightlifting, to yoga. What’s on HER wish list this holiday season?

We know how hard it is to holiday shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas AND let you get to know all of us at a bit better. We asked our writers, featured coaches, and guest contributors if they could pick ANY 10 fitness/sports/health related items to put on a Holiday Wish List, what would they pick?

Check out what Coach Mindith wants more than anything this year!

Mindith’s Holiday Wish List

1. Zen Alarm Clock – $189.95

I have been looking for a peaceful alternative for my iPhone alarm and this seems to fit the bill. The Now zen alarm clock features a series of subtle gongs that provide an elegant beginning to your day.

2. Gaiam Sol Bhakti Ultra Light Yoga Mat – $39.98

I have been looking for a lightweight mat that packs up easily in a travel bag. This mat measures in at just 1mm thick, weighs 1 lb., 12 oz., and folds into a packable square perfect for traveling.

3. meSheeky Odette Skirt – $64.00

I love these cover up skirts – they are perfect for throwing over your yoga pants to carpool kids or running errands after a workout. It features a foldover waistband and adjustable drawstring.

4. The Naked Warrior Book and DVD – $74.90

This book looks like another great resource from RKC founder Pavel Tsatsouline. This new book and DVD set focuses on the secrets of developing a super strong body using only bodyweight exercises.

5. Alo Convertible Vest Wrap – $46.00

The Alo collection provides an affordable and comfortable alternative to the Lululemon brand of athleltic wear. I love the Vest Wrap in Aura, as a perfect go-to item for covering up before or after a workout.

6. Battling Ropes with Rope Pole – $473.00

If you have ever tried battling ropes then you know they are a super effective metabolic conditioning tool. I would want to include the rope pole as well. There is aslo a pink jacketed rope availabled, designed to work out in any conditions indoor and outdoor.

7. RKC Kettlebells by Dragon Door – $237.50

Dragon Door kettlebells are the best kettlebells on the market, being they are the only ones that are authentic Russian kettlebells, with rust resistant e-coat. I would like to have a set of 24kg kettlebells for deadlifts and farmer’s walks.

8. New Balance WX20WB Cross-Trainer – $84.99

I love my other New Balance shoes, including the MT-101’s, and I would like to try the the New Balance 20 Minimus Cross-Trainers. Being a girl, first I love the color of these shoes, but I also love the barefoot style and lower profile especially for training with kettlebells.

9. Trigger Point Therapy Kit – The Ultimate Package – $194.96

This set is all I need to work my entire body and release my muscles. The set includes the quadballer, the footballer, two trigger point massage balls, and the baller block. The people behind Trigger Point work with athletes regularly and know what’s needed to stay healthy.

10. Trip to London 2012 Olympic Games to Watch Olympic Weightlifting – ???

This is the big fantasy item on my list. I have always wanted to see the Olympics and the 2012 games, especially the Olympic Weightlifting competitions, looks to be an amazing event meant to be seen live.

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