How to Better Your Workout Experience

Make your daily workout more enjoyable by training at the right place, with the right people, and with the right music.

For some working out is a chore or necessary pain so they can look, feel, and perform better. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, it shouldn’t be that way. You will get better results by improving your workout inexperience. Why? Because you will push yourself harder and not skip workouts. Here are several ways to have a better workout.

Drink Some Caffeine

If you are struggling to motivate yourself, drink some coffee before you workout. The boost in energy will help you train harder and give motivation.

Dress Appropriately

This first thing you should do is dress in whatever way makes you pumped. This may seem like a minor detail, but it does help. People feel how they dress. However, make sure you abide by gym rules if you training at one. If you train at home, wear whatever you want.

Have A Plan

Make sure you plan your workout before you start. People who just show up to train with no plan waste too much time wondering what to do next. It only takes a minute or two to do this, but it’s well worth it. You’ll have a much better workout.

Have a Goal For Every Workout

It is important to have a small goal for each workout. This will challenge and motivate you. The goal should be reasonable and specific. It should push you to do just a little more than what you normally do. For example, your goal could be to do 25 total squats with 225 pounds if you usually only do 20. Have goals set for every workout and your training will be more interesting and you’ll improve.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

People sweat a lot when they train. You will need water. The last thing you want while working out is to be thirsty. Even if your gym has a water fountain, bring a bottle. This will save you from having to walk to the water fountain every time and wait in line. Plus, you can flavor your water.

Do An Easy, Fun Warm Up

Another way to have a better workout is to do an easy, fun warm up. After all, the hardest part of working out is starting. Dancing is great for this. However, if you’re in public, you may have to something different. I like to jump rope because you can dance but it doesn’t look like it. Whatever you do, make sure it’s easy and fun. Warm for 5-10 minutes.

Do The Exercises You Like

You can also improve your workouts by doing the exercises you enjoy. Believe it or not, no particular exercise is mandatory for fitness. Running, back squats, or even deadlifts are not necessary for fitness. There are alternatives to each that you can do.

Listen to Music You Like

Music can have a powerful effect on people so use it. Download the songs you like onto your phone. Pick songs that pump you up, and then listen to them while you train. This way you won’t have to hear the same six pop songs your gyms plays.

Train Where You Like

You should also train where you like the most. For me, I like to train in my backyard and listen to the birds chirp in the breeze. You may be different. You may like the hustle and bustle of a gym. Find whatever place you enjoy and train there. Then you’ll like exercising more.

Train with The Right People

Another way to improve your workout is to exercise with the right people. They should be serious about training. Avoid people who want to chat about television shows or what they did last summer. Working out is training time. No time for foolishness. You don’t need to do the same workout as your partner. Each of you can do your own thing. You just need to both train hard.

Train Efficiently

You will also have better workouts if you exercise efficiently. There are several ways to do this.

  • Do compound exercises instead of isolation exercise.
  • Do supersets. Supersets are when you perform two exercises in sequence before resting. For example, do a set of push ups, then a set of pull ups, rest for 120 seconds, then repeat 3-4 times.
  • Do circuit training. Circuit training is when you perform three or more exercises in a sequence. For example, do a set of push ups, then a set of pull ups, then a set of squats, then a set of sit ups, and then rest for 120 seconds. Circuit training is better than supersets for cardiovascular training but not as good for strength training.
  • Avoid exercises that require a lot of set up. Stick with bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, or resistance bands.
  • Time your rest periods so you don’t rest too long.
  • Turn your phone notifications off so you don’t get distracted.
  • Train movements instead of muscles.
  • Do density training. Density training means you don’t do sets. Rather, you complete as many reps of an exercise within a time limit. For example, do as many reps of front squats with 185 pounds as you can in 15 minutes.
  • Train at home. You won’t waste time driving to and from the gym.

Do these things and you will get more training done in less time. This will improve your workout experience.

Try One New Training Technique

Another way to improve your workout experience is to do something new. After all, it’s boring doing the same thing over and over again. I like to try one new thing every workout. Sometimes I get ideas from other people at the gym, on YouTube, or Instagram. Don’t let working out become mundane or you’ll quit.

Try Mental Techniques

You can also enhance your workouts by using some mental techniques. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Pretend you’re great while you exercise. Imagine you are an Olympic athlete.
  • Verbally encourage yourself. Tell yourself “you got this” and “push it” and “one more.”
  • Imagine you are in a competition.
  • Visualize yourself doing more than you usually do before each set.
  • Working out is not just physical. It’s a mental matter too. Use your mind and your training will greatly improve.

Workout At Your Best Time

Another way to improve your workouts is training at the best time for you. Many people wait until the afternoon to work out, but that is a mistake. In the afternoon you are tired from work or school. Too many things can cause you to skip working out.

Most people should train in the mornings. It will make the rest of your day better. If it’s too hard to wake up early, start going to bed an hour earlier. Also, improve your sleep by making your room pitch black and cool, not freezing. Don’t forget to put your workout clothes right by your bed.

Reward Yourself After

Finally, reward yourself after your workout to top it all off. I’m not saying eat a whole pizza or gallon of ice cream. There are other ways to reward yourself for working out. It can be having lunch with a friend or watching a movie. Reward yourself right after the workout if you can. It is a powerful motivator.

You Don’t Have to Dread Your Workout

Working out doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be a hassle. Make it more enjoyable by training at the right place, with the right people, and with the right music. Do the exercises you like the most. Always have a workout plan before you start and have a goal every workout.

Then you’ll be more engaged and train harder. When you do these things, you will enjoy working out more and improve more.

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