How’s Your Handstand? 7 Articles to Make It Better

Is your handstand a little shaky? Struggling with handstand pushups or walking? Here are 7 articles, videos, and tutorials to help you with that.

Standing or walking on your hands is an impressive party trick, but it takes time. Here are 7 articles, videos, and tutorials to help you perfect you walk, stand, and even do pushups while upside down.

Breaking Muscle Video – The Hotel Room Handstand (Traver H. Boehm)

Handstands are cool, this is fact. Check out this video inspired by a BM reader email asking about hotel room workouts and how to do handstands. Find out how to do something healthy and quick!

Dear Willow: I Am Afraid of Handstands – Help! (Willow Ryan)

I am wondering how to get over the fear of doing handstands in yoga. I’m feeling my “inability” to do a handstand is not a physical limitation, but rather, it is only a fear that holds me back.

Book Review: “Foundation One” and “Handstand One” by Christopher Sommer (Andrew Read)

Christopher Sommer’s amazing new courses, Foundation One and Handstand One, break down complicated gymnastics techniques for the beginner. They also incorporate much needed mobility drills.

Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland – Handstand Walking, Vol. 1: Position (Dusty Hyland)

Season 2 of Virtuosity is about handstands and handstand walking. By the end of this series, you’ll be handstand walking up stairs! This week Dusty starts with basic handstand position.

Learning to Fly: Overcoming Our Physical Fears (Mahala Grant-Grierson)

Is fear stopping you from moving forward? Our physical practice can also become practice for overcoming fear in other places. For me, my practice is learning and conquering the handstand.

Breaking Muscle Video: How to Control and Maintain a Handstand (Jon Kolaska)

This video will help you learn to maintain and control a handstand. If you are nervous about inversions, don’t worry – we start with Downward Dog and how to kick up to the handstand.

Strength & Conditioning – Al Kavadlo: Week 3, Day 1 (Al Kavadlo)

Barbells and kettlebells are great for pressing, but no matter how strong you are, handstand push ups are a unique challenge and must be treated as such. Get ready to flip the classic overhead press on its head – literally!

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