Join Us for a Twitter Chat with Running and Strength Coach Richard Airey!

On August 6th we’re chatting with runner, strength coach, and RunningWOD founder Richard Airey. Learn how to join in and become a stronger, faster runner.

Twitter Chat with Richard Airey – Tuesday, August 6 at 3:30pm PST (6:30pm EST)

If you’re a runner looking to improve your times, Richard Airey has some tips for you. Richard is a long-time runner who created the website RunningWOD to help endurance athletes improve their technique, endurance, and agility.

What makes RunningWOD and Richard’s approach different? Unlike many other running training programs, Richard’s programming integrates running with strength training and technique work. If you’re curious about what that would look like, stay tuned for Richard’s upcoming Featured Coach workouts and articles, which begin Monday, August 5.

We asked Richard a few questions about his background and the RunningWOD approach. Here’s what he had to say:

1. How long have you been a runner, and how did you get started?

I ran my first race when I was five years old. It was a five mile race, and the first place prize for the ten-and-under division was a fish tank. I ended up winning the division and taking home the fish tank, running 48:00 for five miles. I ran cross country and track in high school and in college and continued to compete after graduation.

2. You’ve run a lot of races. Is there one that stands out as particularly memorable or important?

My most recent memorable moment was finishing third at the 2012 Quad Dipsea. In 2011, I finished nineteenth and was humbled pretty good by the course. I was much more prepared for the course the second time around and I improved my time by 25 minutes. It was a satisfying moment to know my programming had allowed me to improve as much as I did.

3. Tell us a bit about how and why you started RunningWOD, and the mission of the project.

I started RunningWOD because I wanted to share my programming and racing with other endurance athletes. I know a lot of endurance athletes who are hesitant about strength training because they think it will take time away from their other training or they’re not sure how to balance everything without getting big and bulky. RunningWOD balances the volume of endurance training with the appropriate amount of strength training. I also wanted endurance athletes to know it’s okay to use things like barbells and kettlebells when training. Bodyweight training is great, but there’s more to strength training then push ups and sit ups.

Thanks Richard! Got questions of your own? Join us for a live Twitter chat!

If you want to learn more about Richard’s approach to running and strength training, join us on Tuesday, August 6th at 3:30pm PST/6:30pm PST for a Twitter chat where you can ask all your questions.

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