Jonathan Bailor’s Video Exposes the “Secrets” of Nutrition

Looking for an easy way to explain healthy eating to your friends? Jonathan was, too, so he made this video (after he did years of geeky science reading) to help us spread the good nutrition word.

Remember Schoolhouse Rock? You probably can still sing some of the songs, right? Now imagine someone created Schoolhouse Rock for modern nutrition.

Remember Schoolhouse Rock? You probably can still sing some of the songs, right? Now imagine someone created Schoolhouse Rock for modern nutrition. That’s what Jonathan Bailor aims to do with his non-profit nutrition educational organization called Slim is

Jonathan has long been a fitness nerd, since high school, in fact. And as a software engineer by trade, he has a penchant for geeking out on science and knowledge. His job at Microsoft involves taking complicated concepts and making them easy for everyday people to understand. Jonathan took this same approach with nutrition, interpreting academic journals and research and sharing it in regular language with the public. His first book, The Smarter Science of Slim was the product of this desire. In 2014 he has a second book coming out called The Calorie Myth.

When Jonathan was a personal trainer he found himself and his clients frustrated by low-calorie, high-exercise regimens. He was appalled by the multi-million dollar “fitness” industry and all the nutrition gimmicks he saw. None of it seemed to solve the problem or be sustainable. Looking around he saw what seemed to him to be naturally slim people and he knew they existed throughout history as well, so he set out to investigate what those people were doing. He found a lot of information and research, which was suprisingly secret. Jonathan explained:

jonathan bailor, slim is simple, smarter science of slim, nutrition videoWe have the problems we have today due to improper information. We don’t use the same techniques to perform we used to perform heart surgery that we did forty years ago, we don’t use the same computers we used forty years ago, we don’t use the same phones we used forty years ago, but we are still teaching the same nutritional dogma and the same exercise dogma that we used forty years ago. It’s not as if technological progress has stopped in those areas.

So Jonathan set out to share the information – and the surprisingly simple and effective solutions – he discovered. He believes the Internet has great potential to spread the proper word about nutrition, and to counteract the damage he sees done by product-selling mainstream celebrities. For this reason he and his non-profit, Slim is, have created this video:

Maybe you know somebody you’ve been trying to convince to eat healthier that you can share this video with. And while you’re at it, share Jonathan’s three tips for eating healthier starting right now:

  1. Get too full for dessert more often.
  2. Don’t drink your calories. (No juice!)
  3. Hold the starch and fillers. Instead double your veggies and proteins.

Keep an eye out for a video from Jonathan next week on the value of resistance training as well as our review of his first book, “The Smarter Science of Slim.”