Life After Turning Left

It’s time for professional track athletes to be paid for what they do.

The life expectancy for the career of a top-level athlete in any sport isn’t very long. In a sport as rough on the body as track and field, it can be just a few years. For an athlete who is outspoken against the establishment to flourish as a professional for over a decade is almost unheard of.

The Absurdity of Professional Athletes Literally Starving Under Rules Built for Amateur Athletics

But if you follow track, you’ve definitely heard of Nick Symmonds. The recently retired 800m specialist sat down with Pete Hitzeman to discuss how he went out on his own terms. They cover the dispute with USA Track & Field that led to him being left off the 2015 world team, and the absurdity of professional athletes literally starving under rules built for amateur athletics.

Nick has never been shy about sharing his opinions, and this interview is no different. He minces no words about the International Olympic Committee, his thoughts on doping in international sports, and the roots of East African dominance in the middle and long distances. We also dive into why the surge in the popularity of running hasn’t carried over to track and field, why professional athletes need to remember that they only get paid to entertain, and the field event he wishes he could have tried.

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