Love to Lift Challenge – Day 4 of 100

A sequence that allows for ample technique practice while developing strength in a balanced manner.

Day 4 of 100

You’re a veteran now – it’s been 4 days – time to get used to workout abbreviations for movements. As we go along and we add more variety to your rep and set schemes, it’ll be easier on the eyes.

CDL – Clean Deadlift

GM – Good Mornings

OH – Overhead

Reminder: PC & PJ: (X/1/3)4 means power clean 1 followed immediately by power jerk 3 times, all for four sets with rest inbetween each set. Sufficient rest. It’s not about the weight but maintaining correct form. That will be taxing enough if you do it right.

P Sn & OH Sq: (X/1+3)4
PC & PJ: (X/1+3)4
Halting CDL: (X/3)4
GM: (X/4)4