Manduka Pro: Still the Best Mat for Yoga

Here’s a yoga mat that provides a stable, quality surface for your practice.

Yoga teachers and students alike are always looking for a yoga mat to last them a lifetime. The Manduka Pro yoga mat is an outstanding product for stable, safe, durable, and cushioned practice. This exceptional high quality yoga mat is thicker, longer, and wider than most yoga mats on the market today. It provides a soft non slip surface that is both responsive and supportive for your yoga practice.

Manduka Mat Testing Conditions

We examined and tested the Manduka Black Mat Pro (Extra Long) in a commercial gym setting, home gym, and a yoga studio with and without carpet. This mat was used in bodyweight and weighted workouts, hot yoga classes, and intense vinyasa yoga sessions—and we found it to be a superior product. It has exceptional high quality and it is designed to endure years of use. It is stable, and does not shift during yoga practice.

The mat was used on a regular basis for six months, and is still performing strong with no signs of wear down, tears, or loss of grip. The mat remains very stable on hardwood floors and stone alike. It has a specific top and bottom surface with built-in technology to prevent breeding bacteria. The mat is 100% latex free and is made of PVC. It is free of toxins (specifically phthalate free) with sustainable engineering, and an emissions-free manufacturing processes.

We recommend that you purchase the extra long size to maximize your mat space. Trust us you’ll be glad you did. More room for arm balances, headstands, splits, and workouts of your choice.

manduka yoga mat rolled

Additional Things to Note

The mat needs to be prepped before first use. Prepping your mat is a simple process that will ensure a non-smelly, non-slip practice.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Let the mat air out in an open space (outside in fresh air is best).
  2. Scrub the surface of the mat with coarse sea salt, rinse well, and then let the mat air dry in the sun.

manduka yoga mat at a glance

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