Mommy Workout: First Trimester – Week 2, Day 2

Welcome to the Mommy Workouts! The first cycle is designed for women in the first trimester, but it’s also appropriate for any woman who wants to improve strength, stability, and mobility.

Welcome to the Mommy Workouts! These routines are designed for pregnant moms, but they’re also appropriate for women who’ve had a baby and want to improve stability, mobility, and strength. The workouts will be posted three days a week, but feel free to mix and match the workouts to meet your needs.

The first cycle of the Mommy workouts is especially designed for moms in the first trimester. At this stage in your pregnancy, you can still enjoy exercises in the supine position. If you’re at a later stage in your pregnancy, avoid exercises in the supine position and substitute the go-to pregnancy exercise: squats, weighted or unweighted.

Each day of the workouts has a different focus. Day 1 emphasizes all over strength and stability. Day 2 focuses on exercises that will condition your body for labor, and Day 3 is devoted to yoga and meditation. Some of the workouts will use a kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell, but for the most part they will not require any additional equipment to make them as simple and straightforward as possible. Listen to your body, take breaks as needed, and stay hydrated.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and giving your baby the best start with exercise!

Workout – Labor Preparation

A. Plié Squats 3/20: Stand with the legs slightly wider than hip width apart, with the feet turned out. Inhale, and as you exhale, bend your knees to extend over the toes, then come back up to standing while squeezing your glutes. Keep your upper body straight like a ballerina the entire time.

Side Lunges, 3/20: From here, move into a side lunge to strengthen your thighs and glutes. Do 20 repetitions per side. Add some weight if you need more of a challenge.

B. Walk at a brisk pace, 30 minutes. If you were running prior to your pregnancy, you can jog or run. You can also do other forms of cardio like rowing, swimming, stationary cycling.

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