Aerial Fitness Gyms Might Go to Dizzying Heights

Douglas Perry

Technology, Cycling, Swimming


Paula Van Kuren opened Fitness By Paula in June, as the post-pandemic era of a rush to gyms began. We think it might just be a refreshing starting point for all those people breaking out of quarantine and looking to move again.


Why? Because, what's more liberating than twisting and turning in mid-air and getting a workout at the same time. Van Kuren told WMBD-TV, her local new outlet, about her Peoria, Illinoise, business and said, "I realized that this is what the people are missing. That the weight-lifting - that constant grueling routine - is hard to stick with."



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Judging by the atmosphere, we hope this is the beginning of a trend of more aerial gyms because the kid inside of us wouldn't mind just hanging around for an hour and having some fun. It's a small price to pay to build up some functional strength.

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