Hip Hop Star Method Man is the Real Deal in the Gym

Douglas Perry

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If you have been benching 100-lb dumbbells like it was no big deal, obviously you are not a celebrity or a potential goldmine of search engine optimized websites.


But, snark aside, we salute Clifford Smith Jr., aka Method Man, a member of the collective known as Wu-Tang Clan, the guy who played Cheese in The Wire, who starred in the movie How High, because he is now a bona fide fitfluencer.



A post shared by @methodmanofficial


As he shares in this post on his Instgram page, Method Man is legitimately incline benching 100-pound dumbbells having reach close to the end of the rack at some globo gym, no doubt.


And here is the kicker, he has pretty good form. Let's be honest, the incline is so pronounced on that bench that it is almost a shoulder press, and so you got a bit of a degree of difficulty there that is higher than a bench press, and Method Man don't wobble.


And hell, yeah, he keeps his mask protocol kosher and isn't acting like someone is robbing him of the freedom to kick butt and take names. If that wasn't enough, the guy nails the dismount.


None of that crazy dropped weight dramatics for Method Man. He dismounts with class and respect for globo gym's property and its other patrons.


We salute a hip hop hero, Method Man, a fitfluencer who has all levels of cool.

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