Not Swimming and Paddling, CrossFit?!

Douglas Perry

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Since Greg Glassman left CrossFit, the company has moved to Colorado, it has signed on executives who have actually exec'd, and it has got its community all a flutter about competing again.


Of course, there is still David Castro, now the CrossFit Games Director, who seems to relish the drama of the teasing reveal of workouts for competitors. On his Instagram page recently, Castro wrote, "Swim - distance; long. And paddle; distance - even longer."



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CrossFitters (not a real word) seem to love this kind of weird, let me punish you with unflattering workouts, vibe, even if they seem to hate Castro.


We get the whole, let's see how you do when you have to do this approach to the programming at CrossFit events, but maybe CrossFit needs to start showcasing the stuff that will drive people to their gyms, you know, because they are going to be like Orange Theory but a little grimier.


Unless, CrossFit HQ has figured out that global warming is going to drown us all and they are being prescient.

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