Nutrition Planning: CrossFit Open Guidance

Plan your meals for competition in the same way you plan your workouts.

Nutritional planning for competition is a key component of your programming, obviously. In the video conversation below, I talk to Daimino Stewart, who handles the nutrition for my Team Precision and for many athletes I program remotely for compeition prep.

Daimino is one of the best nutrition coaches I know, and he’s got important information on two key aspects of your nutrition that you must dial-in if you’re going to be successful in this year’s Open: macronutrients and timing.

I recommend you pay close attention, because if you don’t get this right it can kill your Open performance. And, it doesn’t hurt to understand these issues for any competition planning.

Daimino’s guidance on nutrition has propelled Team Precision and individual athletes to repeated and consistent success. And even though the power went out briefly while filming, Daimino doesn’t miss a beat in giving you great tips to help you perform optimally. Specifically, you’ll find out how to time your fueling during the five weeks of the Open and how you should manage your macronutrient intake during this time.

Watch this discussion to find out if strict Paleo is really your best option, how to prep food for the weeks ahead, and how to schedule your fueling for optimal performance.

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