Overhead Stability: A Strength Training Must

All those overhead lifts don’t require strength alone. Reduce injury, improve your form in lifts, and strengthen your overhead stability.

In this video tutorial, filmed at an active and noisy Precision CrossFit, I am going to introduce a series of movements that are based on creating overhead stability. Overhead stability is really lost among many athletes and I have seen that since I started in strength conditioning. I want you to think about the muscles that are required to hold weights over your head or to hold yourself upside down.

Building awareness about these muscles is imperative to my strength training programs. I use it for everybody. The exercises in this video are really going to help you understand the right way to go about getting that solid trunk, reducing your chances of injury, improving your form, and ultimately, leading to bigger gains in both strength and overall performance.

Video Index
00:50 Overhead Walk with Dumbbell
01:49 Overhead Walking Lunges
03:25 Snatch Grip Barbell Walk
04:23 Clean Grip Barbell Walk
05:15 Snatch Grip Barbell Walking Lunges
05:50 Clean Grip Barbell Walking Lunges
06:12 Box Pike Handstand Push Up Hold
07:28 Handstand Hold
08:33 Wall Facing Handstand Hold
09:22 Bottom-Up Kettlebell Press
09:52 Recommendations

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