Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 11: My Secret to No Morning Sickness

I’m so thankful not to have any morning sickness. While morning sickness is a medical mystery, I think it’s because of the cleanses I’ve done and because I take a greens powder regularly, too.

I had a ton of energy this week and rocked my strength training and cardio workouts. I’m becoming the squat queen in the hopes of being one of those moms who sneezes after five minutes of labor – and out pops the baby! That is my comforting vision every time I do deep squats.

Whatever crazy allergy/cold thing I had seems to be subsiding and I’m sleeping way better finally. Serenity and peace will be coming to an end soon with midnight feedings and teething, so I’m stocking up now on nap time. I’m sure that’s why I’ve been happily bouncing around my classes. Honestly, I don’t even feel pregnant right now except for the fact that I’ve had two ultrasounds and I know a baby’s in there.

I’m so thankful not to have any morning sickness. I wonder why that is? Apparently, it’s a total mystery as to why some women feel nauseous and why some don’t. My sister maintains that low blood sugar is to blame for icky tummy feelings and carries crackers with her at all times. I have my own theories, of course. If I were to guess at my luck, I’d say that it’s because I have done so many cleanses over the years and drank enough mega green powder to sink a ship that my body is sufficiently detoxed at this point and I don’t need to throw up. I don’t know who is right, but I still enjoy a little gloating when my sister and I compare notes. No one in my family has done a cleanse and I’ve had no luck trying to get them to take green powder consistently either.

zen gray pregnant, zen gray pregnancy, ultrasound zen gray, zen gray greensWhat is this green powder, you ask? Green powders usually consist of things like powdered wheat grass, spirulina, seaweed, broccoli, probiotics and other veggies. It’s like getting your vitamins in food form and helps alkalize the body, which some doctors agree can fight off many diseases. And because they’re relatively cheap and have no adverse side effects, I say, “Why not? It’s better than a heart attack” whenever I choke mine down. Some brands are more palatable than others so you might want to try a few different ones. My favorites are Dr. Foster’s Essential Nutrients (good with a little orange juice diluted with water) and Macro Greens (berry flavored). Even Trader Joe’s has one.

Whatever green powder you pick, I challenge you to take it every day for a week and then see how you feel. If you’ve never tried one, I’m guessing you’ll feel like bouncing around, too. (And that’s not because it has any stimulants like crack or caffeine, either.)

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