Product Review: Body First Egg White Protein

Looking for a protein powder without all the unnecessary additives, flavors, and sugar? Egg white protein might not be the tastiest, but it is pure, simple, and effective.

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I say the words “protein powder,” you think GNC, you think biceps, you think performance, and much of the like. Am I right? Imagine, then, that you were simply looking for some protein to supplement, in the most literal way, your diet in order to meet your nutritional goals. You might find the muscle bound protein products of GNC fame a bit intimidating. Given that you were just shopping for protein, and not necessarily heavy doses of creative or synthetic recovery components, it would be too much.

There is a middle ground, you know? It’s not just “eat food” or “experiment with Muscle Max Protein 5000.” Such middle ground is achieved extremely well by a brand called Body First. Body First’s Egg White Protein is, in my experience, the most straightforward powdered protein supplement on the market. Almost impossible to offend, Body First’s Egg White protein includes just one ingredient. You guessed it, egg white powder. That means there’s no need to determine of where your allegiances lie in regards to natural sweeteners, artificial sweeteners, salt, starch, emulsifiers, soy lecithin, dairy, or other potential ingredients.

Given that this product is essentially the powder version of egg whites, there’s not much need to discuss various bells and whistles that many products claim. In fact, in my opinion, Body First’s biggest asset with this product is its simplicity. Real food is often positioned to be nature’s boring version of fuel for the body. Supplement brands spend millions of dollars each year convincing folks that their version of protein is far too advanced to be mentioned in the same sentence as mere food. Body First takes it back to the pure and simple approach.

Body First Egg White Protein comes in a moderately sized 1-pound tub. Supplementing with this protein is best executed in a food-based shake to provide texture and flavor. Unlike many protein supplements, this one is unflavored. Though one can ingest it with just water, the taste may not be enjoyable. Body First also suggests that the supplement can be used while cooking. Two tablespoons of egg white protein combined with six tablespoons of water will equal approximately two eggs. One would agree the purity of the product makes its utility pretty high. So high, in fact, that not only can it be used as an ingredient in an athlete’s performance shake, it can be utilized as powdered eggs.

With the utility as high as it is and with the label claims as clean as they are, something had to give and in this case it was taste. I’d be hard pressed to say anyone would find this product “tasty.” But, maybe that’s not the point. If it’s mixed well into a shake with strong flavor components like berries, for example, this one glaring negative may disappear all together. It did for me.

As someone who is currently in the middle of a lifestyle/nutrition challenge, consumables that are free of grains, sweeteners, dairy, etc. are extremely valuable. Body First’s Egg White Protein met my needs and with the right fruit-based concoction, I could blend a tasty shake that also included a quality source of protein, without all the added ingredients many similar products include.

Each tub of Body First Egg White Protein includes twenty-two servings. Each serving delivers twelve grams of protein with a quality real food amino acid profile. At a price point of $13.99/lb., Body First Egg White Protein is quite competitive on price. It’s just slightly more expensive on a per pound basis than a well-known competitor’s whey protein product. In the end, Body First provides a quality twist to the sea of protein powders in the market today. Users can get all the conveniences of a powdered supplement, without complexities of synthetically engineered ingredients.

Body First Egg White Protein is available at for $13.99.