Product Review: Nabee Socks

If you’re an avid athlete who wants to add some spunky personality to your gym regalia, Nabee compression socks are just for you.

Nabee socks combine graduated compression with fun designs to win what their website calls “the war against grumpy feet.” If you’re an avid athlete who wants to add some spunky personality to your gym regalia, these socks are just for you. I was excited to review Nabee Socks – and also a good candidate to do so – for several reasons:

  1. I’m pregnant. Compression socks are particularly beneficial during pregnancy due to the increased blood volume that comes with a growing baby and increased size of the uterus.
  2. I like to run. Compression socks are perfect for runners as they help reduce soreness and swelling, which has been more of a problem since my pregnancy.
  3. I sit and stand a lot during the day since I work on the computer. Even on days when I don’t run or do a hard workout, I still like to wear these socks at night before bed.
  4. I like cute stuff. These socks are really cute. So cute my 4-year-old keeps trying to steal them from me, although her plot is always foiled when she can’t remove them.

nabee socks, compression socks, compression gear, product reviewsAdd to all this the fact that I also happen to have a genetic condition called Factor V Leiden that increases the likelihood of developing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) during pregnancy by as much as seven times. Since I prefer not to take anticoagulants, I’m always looking for alternative measures to prevent complications, and compression socks have been shown to reduce the risk of clotting significantly in people with this condition. Anyway, the point is I use these socks a lot.

To be totally honest though, I’ve never tried compression gear for athletic purposes before these socks. My first experience with compression socks was horribly unpleasant and not at all related to athletics. It was a miserable experience that took place in a hospital setting after my first child was born. Due to the clotting condition I have, I had to wear thigh-high compression stockings 24 hours a day for a week-long hospital stay in a hospital with no air conditioning. I hated those stupid socks and took them off as soon as I knew the nurse was busy with other patients. Several times during that week I swore off compression socks for the rest of my life, they were so uncomfortable.

One of the things I hated most about those hospital socks was feeling like I couldn’t spread my toes. I’m not personally claustrophobic but my toes seem to be. I love Nabee socks because their design has a loose toe cage so your toes aren’t scrunched together the whole time you wear them. There’s a comfortable amount of compression along the arch and heel of the foot, but your toes are free to move around.

nabee socks, compression socks, compression gear, product reviewsNabee socks also use graduated compression for added comfort. The compression is highest around the ankle – about 20 mm Hg of pressure – and decreases to 15 mm Hg below the knee. The material – 72% nylon and 28% lycra – is comfortable and breathable without being too lightweight.

And so in the end, I’ve made an unlikely friend in my Nabee socks. I have the Bubble and Frou designs and love them both. They’re also on my gift list for a few other fitness enthusiasts I know. The price is pretty reasonable as compression socks go, especially considering shipping is free.

The only downside I can see is that there are only four designs at the moment, and only one for men, but since this is a new company I think that will change. All in all, these socks have brightened up my workout wardrobe, soothed my tired feet, and changed my previous prejudice against compression gear of any kind.

Nabee Socks are available for $35.00 at

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