Product Review: Perky Jerky

Jerky plus guarana? What?? Yep, that’s what puts the perk in Perky Jerky. And it actually tastes good, too. Read on for more info on this tasty and energizing new snack.

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And the winner for best brand name is history goes to: Perky Jerky! The makers of Perky Jerky have combined a seemingly improbable pair – jerky meat and energizing guarana – to form a truly unique product. If you can imagine a beef jerky that stays moist, you’re begging to grasp what Perky Jerky has to offer. Add to that the idea of a dried meat product that provides extra energy and we’ve landed on the concept of Perky Jerky.

Naturally, there is quite the story behind this novelty consumable. Perky Jerky, like many great inventions, was actually developed by accident. In the words of the creators, the story begins with “two jerks in a ski lodge.” After a night of drinking, fueled largely by energy drink laced cocktails, the guys headed out to the ski lifts to begin their day on the slopes. Excited to get up the mountain, they looked to an open bag of beef jerky as a suitable breakfast. Fortunately for them, some of the energy drink from the previous night had spilled into the open jerky bag.

This ad hoc breakfast retained its original flavor, but became extra tender. The other obvious side benefit of the mishap was an added energy boost. It took just one ride down the mountain to realize what a convenient boost of energy this really was, and Perky Jerky was born.

beef jerky, turkey jerky, perky jerky, jerky redbull, jerky guaranaPerky Jerky comes in both beef jerky and turkey jerky. The backstory of the product’s inception provides a good descriptor of what Perky Jerky is like. The taste of jerky holds true in Perky Jerky, without the dry taste and feel of nearly all other jerky products. Perky Jerky is moist and flavorful. It’s worth noting Perky Jerky does taste like jerky. It would be a mistake to anticipate a combination of jerky and Redbull, for example.

A moist jerky with great flavor is enough to have me sold, but we’ve yet to address the “perky” aspect of this jerky. Perky Jerky does provide a noticeable boost in energy. Now, I’m not one to drink energy drinks, so maybe my sensitivity to guarana is high, but I did experience a light sense of added energy. I’d equate it to a half cup of coffee.

For me, taking the position of an action sports jerky product puts a glass ceiling on this product. Perky Jerky had me simply at being a beef jerky that stays moist. If you’re not sold on the idea of “energizing jerky,” this product is worth a try given its ability to take the best that dried meats have to offer (taste and mobility) and overcome its largest weakness (dryness). My only wish is that there was more in the bag.

Perky Jerky is available in both beef and turkey (2.2 oz) for $4.99 at

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