Product Review: ProAnox Antioxidant Supplements

ProAnox is a natural product that uses multiple angles to help you recover from soreness and muscle damage while stimulating new mitochondria, which helps grow muscle endurance.

The high seas of sports supplements can be dangerous and confusing waters. It seems that marketing one-upmanship is increasingly trying to tap into the hearts of athletes and their thirst for improvement. The claim that an athlete is just one supplement purchase away from a competitive edge is so common that athletes believe it. “Sure, I’m good, but this can make me great,” becomes the thought process. So the circular chase for “the best” supplements begins.

Needless to say, I was apprehensive about taking on an assignment to review a sports performance supplement company. ProAnox is a supplement company that takes a natural approach to athlete supplementation. Their products are part of what they call “Extreme Antioxidant Systems.” The product comes in a dark re-sealable pouch and inside are a bunch of individually packaged capsules. Each pack contains nine capsules of mixed sizes and colors. These, then, represent daily dosage.

ProAnox recommends athletes take one packet in the morning and one packet in the evening. Those simply seeking “Adult Health” should only take one packet per day. There is a disclaimer, however, that if one doesn’t consume six servings per day of fruits and vegetables to cut their relative dosing in half for a week before taking normal dosing.

This system is an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant, and a mitochondrial biogenetic product all wrapped into one. Translation: ProAnox uses multiple angles to help you recover from soreness and muscle damage while stimulating new mitochondria, which helps grow muscle endurance.

A refreshing point of performance in the ProAnox product mix is the fact it’s a natural product. The supplements in each capsule are all botanical products and are free of any genetic engineering. Though this doesn’t mean the product functions as it claims to, the likelihood you could be affected negatively is all but absolved.

My experience is difficult to qualify, but ProAnox responsibly doesn’t claim the product is an instantaneous miracle worker either. I didn’t feel any noticeable affects, but I’m one to believe that sincere supplementation is a slow burn anyway. Wrapping my head around taking 18 capsules per day was a deal breaker for me, though. I am biased in a perspective that believes my nutrition is sound enough to not necessarily need a great deal of supplementation. To me compliance to this product felt like “a great deal of supplementation.” Most people aren’t as meticulous with their nutrition, however, which may be enough to validate using a quality, natural product like ProAnox.

ProAnox does have an honorable platform. They seem to claim space as a true supplement company, and they do not fall into the categories of supplement companies that made me apprehensive about taking this on in the first place. This is a natural product I would feel comfortable encouraging clients to take, especially if they feel good taking it.

ProAnox products are available online and are $99.00 for a 60-day supply –

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