Product Review: Pure Pharma Fish Oil

Everybody knows to take their fish oil at this point. But WHICH fish oil is the best? Read our review of one of the newest to hit the fish oil market – Pure Pharma Omega 3.

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Pure Pharma has created an omega-3 supplement product reflective of the the company’s extremely high standards. From the start I noticed something different about Pure Pharma’s approach – taking extra steps to make sure the fish caught are in season creating more sustainability is evidence of a company that prides itself on surpassing its customers expectations. Mercury is always a concern when ingesting large amounts of anything fishy, but Pure Pharma has insured significantly low levels by choosing small fish such as anchovies to create they product.

Pure Pharma makes a good product with high quality and ethical standards. After 21 days on it, in the midst of a heavy training cycle of CrossFit and Brazilian jiu jitsu, my body is still recovering quickly, with inflammation at a minimum. I’ve been taking the suggested daily dose of three gel caps per day for the last twenty-one days. The bottle comes with 120 pills, enough for forty days before a refill. Each capsule contains a minimum of 74% omega-3 fatty acids in a 5:2 EPA/DHA ratio (a minimum of 3:2 EPA/ DHA is the industry standard).

Each dose of 2000mg per serving is in line with a CrossFit athlete or other high level athlete should be taking in my opinion. This is a great alternative for those athletes who could benefit from a daily fish oil supplementation (that’s just about everyone), but have issue with swallowing fish oil in its liquid form. Most people that do not take fish oil say that it is the fishy burps that hold them back, but I wasn’t aware of any while on Pure Pharma’s product.

The Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioners that I speak with about fish oil are far more skeptical on the whole than CrossFitters, but both groups put a significant amount of strain on their muscles and joints. BJJ practitioners in particular do so with the addition of extremely high body heat levels due to the fact we work out in the equivalent of triple goose down pajamas! The added heat, friction, and trauma caused by a strenuous session on the mat primes these athletes for inflammatory issues. I personally would love to see fish oil become as popular with the grappling community as it is with CrossFitters.

Have you tried Pure Pharma’s fish oil supplement? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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