Product Review: SEAL Multivitamin

Tired of paying tons of money for huge multivitamins that you can barely swallow? The SEAL Multi is full of high-quality ingredients to fuel performance, and it won’t break the bank.

I recently tried out a bottle of SEAL multivitamins and have been pleased with the product. The SEAL multi is a solid, basic supplement that covers all the bases for athletes who need to keep their performance high. The creator of the SEAL multi, Jeremy De Bie, was a Navy SEAL himself. During his training, he noticed he and his teammates required greater nutrition than they could obtain from diet alone since they were pushing themselves to their physical limits every day. He also believed the inclusion of supplemental vitamins and minerals would allow them to go beyond their perceived limits. Not only that, but De Bie also wanted to give back to his fellow SEALS. With all this in mind, 10% of the profits from the SEAL multi are donated to the families of fallen and wounded Navy SEALS. Pretty cool, right?

The pills come in capsule form, which many people find to be easier to swallow. This also means they are more vulnerable to damage from light and heat, so be sure to follow the directions and keep them in a cool, dark place. The bottle itself is dark and opaque, which makes this easier to do.

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The SEAL multi has no herbs or other bells and whistles. It is simply a collection of the basic recommended vitamins and minerals for daily intake. One striking thing about this product is that more than half of its active ingredients are at 100% of the United States recommended daily values.

The SEAL formulation stands out for a few other reasons. First, it doesn’t have the extreme quantities of vitamins that you’ll often find in other multivitamins. While some people may benefit from, say, more vitamin C, the SEAL multi can be looked at as more of an insurance policy. In other words, if you didn’t get enough in your diet today, then no worries – the SEAL multi will have you covered.

Even more important than just covering nutritional bases are the magnesium and calcium quantities found in this multivitamin. Even the highest quality multis often skimp on these ingredients. Since you need greater quantities of these two minerals for good health, the logistics of having a capsule with high-mass ingredients like calcium and magnesium often means either a lot of pills, huge pills, or low quantities of these ingredients. Many companies opt for the last option. With 20% of the daily allowance for calcium and 100% for magnesium, these two ingredients alone account for perhaps a third or more of what you get inside the SEAL multi capsule. And that’s a conservative guess I made from eyeballing the numbers.

While the SEAL multi doesn’t have a lot of fluff that you don’t need, their “no bullshit” policy has left out some other potentially high-quality ingredients, so I added that to the cons section at the beginning of this review. Don’t read this wrong, though – the multi itself is quite good, and the ingredients in it are higher quality than you will find in many cheap products. Nevertheless, some ingredients not found on a daily allowance chart are still beneficial to athletes.

If you’re looking for a good quality multivitamin without breaking the bank, the SEAL multi is a great option. On their website, it mentions that this formulation is designed for men, but I see no reason why it won’t benefit women. However, women may want to take an additional iron supplement to meet their daily requirements. The SEAL multi will make sure your basic needs are covered and that your nutrition isn’t limiting your performance.

SEAL Multi is available from the manufacturer for $24.99.