Product Review: Skout Trailbar

Eating a Skout Trailbar made me nostalgic for the Pacific Northwest, where they are made. Kosher, vegan, soy-free, dairy-free…these bars are just packed with a bunch of yummy goodness.

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You can’t argue with authenticity. Authentic people, products, and brands are always a tier above their less-than-genuine counterparts. Skout Natural Foods not only nailed it with their rugged, Northwest branding, they walk the walk, too. They are authentic, passionate, outdoor folks with a product to support others with similar interests.

Skout Natural Foods calls the Pacific Northwest and it’s infamous outdoor adventure lifestyle home. Their Skout Trailbars are made in Portland, Oregon of the finest organic ingredients they can find. These handy trail snacks are both vegan and kosher, and ingredients are sourced from orchards local to Portland whenever possible.

The rap sheet on Skout bars doesn’t end there. I was trilled to learn that the entire line of bars is both dairy and soy free. Each package packs a full serving of fruit, without the all too common added sweeteners found in many other brands.

Skout Trailbars look and feel so appropriate for any outdoor adventure, you almost feel out of place eating them indoors. I was surely guilty of that in Los Angeles, the land of rush hour. Each bar is a small pouch that can easily be carried by the half dozen in a backpack side pocket. These are by no means meal replacement bars, but their snack-like size proves to be convenient for the on-the-go action for which they were designed.

In addition, Skout has five different flavors to enjoy, so every break on your hike can have a different taste experience. The flavors Skout brings to the table include some refreshing new combinations that stray from the usual. Organic cherry-vanilla, for example, was my favorite tasting bar. It’s unique, too. I can’t say I’ve seen an all-natural cherry vanilla bar in the market place. The rest of the line is rounded out with organic blueberry-almond, organic apple-cinnamon, organic chocolate-coconut, and organic chocolate-peanut butter.

As someone who has spent a considerable amount of time in the Pacific Northwest, and the Willamette Valley specifically, experiencing this product had nostalgic effects. As explained on their website, I don’t disagree with Skout Natural Foods’ notion that the spirit of the brand is no different than the spirit of the products’ geographic origins: rugged, abundant, unfettered energy.

Though I joked about the out of place feeling of enjoying Skout bars out of their Pacific Northwest habitat, maybe I can be the first to claim that they taste mighty fine right here in urban Los Angeles. So, if you’re immediate agenda doesn’t include a hike, rock climbing adventure, or camping trip, maybe Skout Trailbars can bring some of the great outdoors to you, wherever you may be.

Skout Trailbars are available at for $26.99 (12 count box)