Product Review: The Armaid

The Armaid is a self-therapy device for anyone struggling with recurrent forearm issues. I highly recommend it for athletes with serious, consistent problems.

The Armaid is a self-therapy device that allows you to treat repetitive strain issues. With this tool, you can address tension in the forearm muscles, which may cause issues in the elbow or the wrist. The forearm muscles control the muscles in the hands, and they can easily get tight from overuse, lack of stretching, rest, hydration, and many other contributing factors. Tightened and shortened muscles can’t adequately take in oxygen and remove waste. As a result, these muscles can either be painful themselves or cause pain in the joints to which they attach.

Here’s a video that demonstrates how the Armaid works:

The Armaid attaches to your thigh and has an adjustable cam to fit different arm sizes. The 45-degree angle allows you to hold the shoulder in a neutral position while addressing forearm issues you may have. The Armaid comes with multiple attachments you can adjust to increase or decrease the pressure. When using the device there are two main techniques for addressing forearm issues. The first is a circulatory method that moves the entire arm through a range of motion. The second is a trigger point method. The Armaid can also be used to address the biceps and triceps.

Overall, the Armaid is a great tool for addressing problems associated with the forearm muscles. I was a bit skeptical at first, looking at the design, and wondered if it would provide deep, lasting relief. One of my clients has had some consistent forearm and elbow issues from playing tennis. I showed her how to do some manual therapy, which would always bring temporary relief, but when I had her try the Armaid it had the same success and worked much more quickly. The Armaid also allowed for greater pressure. Once her range of motion was restored, we worked to maintain it through full range of motion exercises and have had great success.

I have also personally experimented with the Armaid, even though I don’t have any existing issues. I am a huge fan of self-myofascial release, as you can tell by multiple product reviews, and own something for almost any application. Before using the Armaid on my elbow, I used floss bands. They work wonders for the shoulder, upper arms, and elbows, but once you get below the elbow they are not as effective. This is where the Armaid has come in handy for faster recovery.

If you have forearm issues like tendonitis and need relief, this product can certainly help address your needs. If such an issue is present, I would always recommend seeing a doctor or appropriate medical professional first and getting their approval. The full Armaid package is $99.95, so it is not something I would recommend to someone who has a bit of tightness or other minor complaints. However, for significant issues the Armaid can offer relief.

The Armaid is available for $99.95 at

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