Product Review: The Bella – Rogue Women’s Bar

If you are looking for an affordable barbell for women or beginners, the Bella Bar by Rogue Fitness will make a nice addition to your garage gym.

If you’re looking for an affordable barbell for women or beginners the Bella Bar by Rogue Fitness will make a nice addition to your gym. We have used this bar for the last six months and have found it to be a great starter barbell and an overall perfect bar for women. The feel of the bar is very user friendly, comfortable, and very easy on the hands which can be important for many women.

Upon reviewing this bar we especially enjoyed the pre-marked knurling for grip which makes it very simple for beginners to quickly set up for lifts. We have tested the bar in a variety of workouts and found it can be used for CrossFit style workouts, power lifting, and Olympic weightlifting. With the addition of bumpers this bar can be dropped in more aggressive workouts or max efforts.

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The Bella bar has dual knurling marks to setup your grip for both Olympic lifting and power lifting however, it does not have a center knurl. It features brass bushings for spin, the bar shaft is coated with black zinc, and the sleeves are chrome plated. The bar weights 15kg (33 pounds) and has a diameter of 25mm. The bar is manufactured in the USA.

The Rogue Fitness Bella Bar is available for $216.00 at Rogue Fitness.

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