Product Review: The Moonsaddle

It might be funny looking, but for some the MoonSaddle is a life-saver that turns cycling from painful or harmful back into an enjoyable experience again. Especially good for men!

MoonSaddle’s slogan is “Redefining the Bicycle Saddle” and I couldn’t agree more. One look at the crescent shaped bike seat and you’ll surely do a double take. When looking at a bicycle outfitted with the MoonSaddle sitting idle, one would wonder how the rider would make it work. Its unconventional look and feel does come with a purpose, though. The MoonSaddle seeks to ease the common discomfort of a traditional bike seat, while preventing more serious damage to the nervous system, vascular tissues, and bone structure.

MoonSaddle has plenty of happy customers who have experienced an array of health benefits from making the switch. Relieving the pressure on the pelvic floor associated with a traditional bike seat has benefits in elderly riders and riders with specific conditions like erectile dysfunction, infertility, genital numbness, and chronic pain.

Though the MoonSaddle’s design is sporty and fun without falling into the trap of the sterile look of medical devices, it will turn heads at bit. Personally, I gave it an odd stare a good while before I tried the seat myself. Much of my struggle with the aesthetics may originate in the deep-rooted “look” of the timeless bicycle.

With regards to performance, the MoonSaddle not only looks different, it feels different, too. MoonSaddle provides support from medical doctors as well as anecdotal evidence to support claims the seat has benefits that range from general comfort to medical results. While this product probably doesn’t work for the bike sport athlete, it works well in the leisure riding populations.

Given I haven’t had specific negative experiences with a traditional bike seat, I can’t vouch for any acute “before and after” type results for the better. The MoonSaddle does noticeably eliminate the obvious narrowly concentrated crotch support of a traditional bike seat. That support in a traditional seat, however, does provide a distinct straddling support structure, which is often a place to drive from to create power. Whereas the MoonSaddle feels a bit less anchored, it is much more free. This open structure is so different from a traditional ride that I felt uneasy. I can’t dismiss the fact, though, that there was no pelvic floor pressure, like that often associated with a traditional seat. So, what I may have given up in power, I gained in freedom. But, in my case, the novelty of the ride and the unsettling feeling trumped any relief I was experiencing.

In the end, I think this product could be a life-saver for relevant riders. The idea that men and women would have to enjoy less time on a bicycle due to something about the mechanics of their seat makes MoonSaddle a godsend. I’ve felt the contrast MoonSaddle provides and if one’s bike seat is preventing enjoyment of or ability to ride, the MoonSaddle is a no brainer.

This product probably won’t show up in any renowned bike races anytime soon, but it may be the perfect product to keep people of all ages riding for leisure longer and safer.

The MoonSaddle is available at for $82.25-84.45.