Product Review: The Soak Muscle Recovery Bath Crystals

The Soak, a muscle recovery bath soak, combines three ingredients – magnesium sulfate, peppermint, and eucalyptus – to supercharge your recovery.

If you find yourself taking frequent ice baths or spending a significant portion of your week soaking in Epsom salts, The Soak is for you. This bath soaking product combines three ingredients – magnesium sulfate, peppermint, and eucalyptus – to supercharge your recovery.

I used The Soak for the first time the day after I attended a MovNat workshop. Although it was only a one day workshop, I was extremely sore the next day. I think it may have been the sorest I’ve ever been, in fact. All of my muscles felt like they had been pushed to their limits. I couldn’t wait to try out The Soak, and was not disappointed. I would say that just one bath decreased my discomfort by about 80 percent. What was most impressive to me was how much longer the effects lasted. This may have something to do with the particular combination of ingredients used to create The Soak. They are:

  1. Magnesium Sulfate: This is the classic ingredient athletes have used for centuries to aid in muscle recovery. Studies suggest it has additional benefits as well, such as increased testosterone production in both sedentary and active men. I have also used Epsom salt baths for a long time to treat migraines and PMS symptoms. Other ailments that are aided by magnesium sulfate include hypertension, plantar fasciitis, and leg cramps. According to The Soak website, magnesium sulfate also binds serotonin and enhances a feeling of relaxation.
  2. Peppermint Essential Oil: Not only does peppermint oil smell amazing, but it also has numerous health benefits that contribute to The Soak’s effectiveness. Aside from muscle pain relief, peppermint oil relieves digestive problems, cold, cough, nerve pain, respiratory problems, sinusitis, and more.
  3. Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Combined with the peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil has a cooling effect that makes The Soak more effective than a standard Epsom salt bath. Eucalyptus also acts as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent, which makes your muscles feel refreshed and ready for your next workout or training session.

You can use The Soak in three ways: dissolved in a warm bath, added to an ice bath, or frozen. I prefer to use it in a warm bath and find it very effective. You can also dissolve it in water and freeze it for a site-specific muscle massage. My husband also ‘borrowed’ some of my stash to use after his Krav Maga training and is a huge fan. He had an ankle injury a few years back and uses The Soak to massage his ankle when it starts flaring up, and also used it in ice baths.

My only complaint about The Soak is that it does contain an artificial food coloring, FD&C #1, also known as Brilliant Blue. Although it is approved by the FDA, there have been instances of adverse health effects associated with internal consumption of FD&C #1. When inhaled or ingested in large amounts, it has been shown to be carcinogenic in animal studies. However, it doesn’t seem that topical use has any adverse side effects.

Aside from that, The Soak is a perfect combination of ingredients. On the product website you’ll notice that it is popular with CrossFit athletes, but The Soak is also ideal for endurance athletes, martial artists, or any other athletes who need to accelerate their recovery. I always use The Soak after my long runs and have noticed a dramatic decrease in recovery time. You can also purchase The Soak in a variety of sizes, including a single bath sample size, so you can give it a trial run before you decide to purchase a larger amount.