Product Review: ToeSox

Love the feel of your comfy socks, but sliding all over the floor? Wish there was something warm, but safe you could wear in yoga, martial arts, or dance class? Check out ToeSox!

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Nearly anyone can relate to the enjoyable freedom of being in socks, whether it’s around the house, in a yoga class, or otherwise. Barefoot activities like yoga, dance, martial arts, and Pilates are often practiced in socks or barefoot by default. When both wearing shoes and being barefoot aren’t appropriate, wearing classical socks seems to suffice as a happy medium. Until now.

ToeSox has created a sock with the specific purpose of supporting these barefoot activities. With a five-finger toe design, these socks are arguably the closest things to being barefoot as one can get. The five-finger element allows the user to spread his/her toes naturally. While socks with toe slots are rare, but nothing new, ToeSox are largely unique in my opinion, because of their gripping sole.

toe sox, vibrams, five fingers, five toes, grip socks, yoga socksWhile they look and feel like a standard pair of cotton socks with the addition of individual toe slots, these socks become nothing like you’ve ever worn before due to the addition of tiny round rubber grips that cover the bottom of your feet like Braille. Rethink the classic scene with Tom Cruise in Risky Business sliding across the hardwood floor in his socks. The same scene with ToeSox would look a lot more like a viral “fail” video than the iconic graceful slide we’ve seen time and time again. ToeSox may not be good for sliding around your hardwood floors, but you can imagine the utility in a dance studio or a yoga class.

There is a bit of a movement worldwide with regards to the benefits of barefoot activities. The barefoot running trend is exploding. With sales of the shoe equivalent of ToeSox, Vibram Five-Fingers, in the hundreds of millions of dollars, the minimalist shoe movement may be enough to legitimize the claim that barefoot training is worth something. Minimalist shoe sales have grown 300% since 2010.

I’m not a regular yoga practitioner, but I did enjoy wearing ToeSox, especially around the house. I felt the utility and performance that is to be had in a pair of ToeSox. For someone who is often being active while being barefoot or in socks, ToeSox may be your new best friend. Outside of the fact the socks are a bit taller than my usual low profile style sock, I’d consider padding my sock drawer with a few pair of ToeSox.

ToeSox also come in twelve different color combinations, if you’d like to add some flair to your barefoot activity. ToeSox are a dream come true, especially for folks with hobbies that have them on their toes.

Toe socks are available for $15.00 at