Product Review: WODPak Supplements

WODPak came about when the owner realized he was spending $120 per month on supplements he felt were essential to his lifestyle. He quickly found there had to be a better way, and he was right.

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WODPak is a supplement company looking to give CrossFitters all the supplementation they need in one, quick, easy package. WODPak delivers a canister of one month’s supply of supplements (30 packs) for $39.95.

WODPak came about when the owner, an active CrossFitter and affiliate owner, realized he was spending $120 per month on supplements he felt were essential to his lifestyle as a CrossFit athlete. Doing the math, he quickly found there had to be a better way to supplement than spend $4.20 each day.

So instead, for only $1.33 per day, each WODPak packet offers a cocktail of supplements including: fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, B12, B6, folic acid, and creatine. This handful of pills and capsules is individually packaged for easy transport, organization, and use.

The folks at WODPak have taken the guessing out of supplementation. If you would like to supplement your diet and you don’t have a routine to do so, WODPak is a quick, easy way to round out an extensive supplementation protocol without shopping around the endless aisles of your local Vitamin Shoppe. The benefits of fish oil and vitamin D, for example, are tried and true components to life.

Though WODPak is a creation from within the CrossFit community, the world of supplementation is vast. Like the CrossFit community, being in the supplement business doesn’t guarantee you’re good at it. Though each WODpak packet contains a handful of supplements that may in fact be important and/or beneficial, I think the verdict is still out with regards to the quality and bioavailability of each material. More simply put, I’d like to see more information available about each supplement and it’s origin.

When one supplements with anything, it would be safe to say he/she has the hopes the supplement actually makes it into his/her body for some sort of positive adaptation. If the uptake isn’t optimal, the nutritional facts on the panel may not show up in one’s body to that degree. Though these are questions one could bring up for nearly any sports nutrition company, a few things specifically inspired my questioning:

  • One red flag for me was neither the label nor the company website provide information about where the products come from and how they are made.
  • And the second, more specific red flag for me was that the label claim simply notes “Fish Oil” as 2000mg. With regards to fish oil, the nutrition facts should indicate at least total omega 3, and typically the EPA and DHA breakdown, as well. Such details are important so I know exactly of what I am consuming 2000mg.

When shopping for supplements, finding safety in a brand is vital. WODPak may, in fact, provide the world’s safest, high performing products available, but there is almost no way to tell. It may be in WODPak’s best interest to brag a bit about the efficacy of the actual supplements to ease the minds of potential consumers.

On the upside, they’ve got a great idea – they’ve clearly bottled a golden concept and have brought affordability and simplicity to the world of supplementation, which is often neither affordable nor simple.

WODPak is available at Amazon