Product Review: Yurbuds – Ironman Inspire Earphones

Getting fed up with earphones falling out of your ears and driving you crazy in a workout? Yurbuds earphones are a must have for any fitness enthusiast that loves to listen to music on the go.

Finally no more tugging, pulling, and fidgeting with annoying earphones that just won’t stay in place. Dealing with earphones frequently falling our of your ears can really drive you crazy during a run or workout. Finding earphones that fit your ear size for can also be quite a challenge. Wait no longer, Yurbuds Earphones are the perfect fix for any fitness enthusiast that loves to listen to music on the go. Yurbuds were designed by an athlete for athletes. Triathlete Seth Burgett, created these earphones after competing in Ironman competitions and over 24 marathons.

Yurbuds have a twist and lock technology that creates a very snug fit that keeping the ear enhancers in place. This fit and lock prevents the earphones from falling out, even under the most intense workout conditions. There are 5 different styles including the Pro Series with Dry Mic technology. This additional protection allows the user to easily navigate music, as well as being water resistant on the microphone apparatus and controls.

We tested the Yurbuds Ironman Series Earphones for about 4 weeks, in a myriad of workout conditions and settings. The earphones were perfect for workouts that included; running, walking, biking, and rowing. Other workouts including weightlifting, CrossFit or kettlebells were not as conducive to this earphone technology, as the longer cord was a bit difficult to maneuver around these implements. Overall, the earphones did not fall out of the ears during any of the workouts and they were comfortable in the ear canal.



These earphones will stay in place through intense workouts including; running, biking, and many other vigorous activities. The earphones and special ear enhancers fit most ears. This fit is snug and has a feeling of being actually locked into the ear, due to the twist and lock technology.


Yurbuds are made with a special medical grade silicone. The ear enhancers are ergonomically designed fit the ear, avoiding any sensitive nerve areas around the ear canal. The silicone is soft and comfortable even for longer endurance style workouts. The shape of the actual ear enhancer is a bit like a funnel that goes into the ear canal. The cord attached to the earphones is a bit longer than other earphones that are currently on the market today. This length may be a nuisance to some users but we felt it allowed for an easier set up, wearing them with an ipod.


The sound quality of these earphone is good. They also cancel out some background noise which will enable the user to get better overall sound quality from the earphones. The sound quality is comparable to other similar earphones on the market with in the same price range.

Sweat & Water Resistant:

If you are a heavy sweater these earphones are excellent for staying in place and dry. The water resistant and sweat proof design alone make these sport earphones a must have for athletes.


There are different styles of Yurbuds earphones available, each with their own unique features.

Yurbuds Ironman Endure


Yurbuds Ironman Inspire


Yurbuds Inspire Pro


Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro – Dry Mic


Yurbuds are available for $29.99 to $59.99 at

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