Reset Your T-Spine With This Simple Stretch

If your work has you hunched over a computer all day, here’s an easy way to get your back up and moving again.

This simple stretch for the mid-to-upper portion of your spine will help to reduce tension, and leave you feeling taller and more open through the chest and shoulders. To do it, you will need a chair and a strap or belt. I refer to it as an exercise in the video, as it’s both a stretch and an exercise.

  • To get started, place your belt around your ankle joints so that your ankles are 1 ½ fist-widths apart.
  • Place your elbows on your chair and walk your knees back so that they are below your hips.
  • Place one hand on each shoulder blade, then collapse your shoulders together and let your chest sink down towards the floor.
  • Now kick your hips back to place an arch your lower back. Be sure to watch the video to see how I do this.
  • Once you are in position, press your ankles out against the strap and release evenly. Focus on making each press smooth, slow, and even.
  • Repeat for a total of three sets of 20.

You will feel a stretch in your triceps (the backs of your upper arms), your lats (along the sides of your torso), and muscles working in your hips. To get the maximum benefit, keep your belly relaxed and breathe.

I you enjoy this exercise as much as I do. Thank you for connecting with me here, and I hope to see you again soon!

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