Fit Factory Gear MobilityPack (Product Review)

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Reviews, gear, gym bag, reviews, bag


Reviews, gear, gym bag, reviews, bag



When I look in my closet, I see a lot of bags that are good for one thing. I’ve got the bag that organizes all my food. The bag that holds my laptop and work-related things. And then a few gym-gear type bags.


It’s hard to find one bag that can do everything. Fit Factory Gear proposes their bag, the MobilityPack, can do just that.



About the MobilityPack

The large capacity of the MobilityPack is both its best feature and its only negative. With a 32-liter capacity, the bag can carry a lot of stuff, including objects that might be strangely sized. And it’s designed in a way that it’s easy to access your stuff from all sorts of angles without the bag coming apart (more on that later).


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But at the same time, the bag does not have much in the way of organizational capability. There are some smaller pockets, but if you’re looking to organize things like you would with a business- or school-type bag, then you won’t really find what you’re that here.


"The thoughtful design of this bag is its best feature. From the moment you start using it, it just feels durable."

Originally inspired by hiking backpacks, the MobilityPack still retains some of that functionality. An inner pouch in the main compartment can be used either to hold a tablet or small laptop - or to hold a hydration bladder. If you do decide to use this pack to hike, it has all the little features you’d want to make sure your water hose is fastened down and not driving you crazy, as well.


In addition, if you plan on listening to music, the bag has an iPod compartment and a hole where you can pull your headphone cord through. There is also a compartment for anything you need to keep separate, like dirty or sweaty clothing.


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There are also multiple places on the bag where you can attach exterior items like a foam roller or a yoga mat. So in that sense, this bag is versatile when it comes to which activities and sports it can be used for.


Reviews, gear, gym bag, reviews, bag


Design Features

The thoughtful design of this bag is its best feature. From the moment you start using it, it just feels durable. The zippers are all smooth in action and don’t feel cheap. The handles are sturdy and plentiful.


In fact, there are handles on enough sides of this bag that it can be used in a variety of set-ups: as a backpack, as a duffel, or as a more vertically oriented bag to carry at your side. This versatility is nice in that wearing a backpack just isn’t always practical (especially if you’re trying to transition from gym to work and have your nice clothes on).


"With a 32-liter capacity, the bag can carry a lot of stuff, including objects that might be strangely sized."

If you do wear this bag as a backpack, it’s quite comfortable. My husband and I are nowhere near the same size and the bag worked well for both of us. The straps and the back of the bag are well padded. The straps are also long enough that even if you have shoulder mobility issues, you’ll be able to get this bag on by yourself (none of that half-straight-jacketed, chicken-arm wave action going on).


Reviews, gear, gym bag, reviews, bag


An added bonus is that the sternum strap is adjustable for height, so if different people are using the bag or the generic placement of the sternum strap on most bags doesn’t work for you, you’ll have more freedom to get this bag fitting perfectly.


The Shoe Compartment

The shoe compartment on this bag is great. So great, in fact, that it gets its own section in this review. The reason why is that with most bags, when you try to get into the main compartment you are required to unclip the same straps that hold the shoe compartment together. So if you want to pull a lacrosse ball out, you end up having your shoes tumble everywhere.


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Not so with the MobilityPack. While the strap that holds on the shoe compartment does need to be unclipped to access some other parts of the bag, the straps are designed in a way that they don’t just slide through and let the shoes fall off. To me, this was a major upside to this bag.


Reviews, gear, gym bag, reviews, bag


My Recommendation

While I don’t think the MobilityPack is the all-around bag that Fit Factory Gear proposes it to be, it is still an incredibly useful and well-designed bag. Both my husband and I use this bag regularly and have used it in a variety of scenarios (even taking it hiking and fishing) and it has performed well. I believe based on our use of it that it will last a long time. So, if you’re looking for a durable, versatile bag, then this is one to investigate.


The MobilityPack is available for $159.00 at


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