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I’ll be honest. I really don’t like protein bars. It’s difficult to find the right balance of protein, decent taste, and texture without a bunch of added sugar per serving. Detour Whey Protein Bars is a new brand to me and, after reviewing the nutrition facts, I was excited to give these a try.


Detour bars are gluten free high protein snacks



Detour Bar Basics

I had an opportunity to try a few of the “Simple” and a few of the “ Smart” bars. The “Simple” bars contain 10-20 grams of whey protein, depending on the flavor. They are non-GMO and contain 4 grams of sugar (or less) per bar. The “Smart” bars are whole grain, gluten free, and also contain only approximately 4 grams of sugar with 10 grams of whey protein. These bars are more balanced than some I've found for those who are looking to lose weight or gain mass.


The “ Simple” bars have an outer coating and a soft center. The “Smart” bars are oatmeal based. While different in type, both bars have a texture that is appealing. Neither of the bars are too chewy or too sticky.


The bars are less than $2.00 each according to the website. There are a variety of options for purchase depending on the quantity desired.


Detour bars at a glance


My Take on Detour Bars

I really liked these protein bars. They are a great option if an athlete is looking for a bar that is a balanced snack or want something packable while hiking or biking. At about 150 calories per bar, Detour bars make an excellent lower calorie snack, especially when traveling or when other meals and snacks aren’t available.


If you are counting your macros, these bars have a good ratio of what you need for a post-workout snack. I ate the six bars as snacks for six consecutive days. Because these bars have a good protein-carbohydrate ratio, I felt satisfied after eating them post-workout. They pack well, especially the “Smart” bars. As with any protein bars, if you keep them in your gym bag or pocket for an extended period, they will crush. Overall, Detour bars are a good purchase, and definitely worth a try.


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