Dealing with sweaty and stinky athletes is unfortunately a hazard of being a coach or trainer. Finding and recommending good options for reducing smells is better for everyone. I recently checked out No Sweat laundry detergent, and it fit the bill.


About the Product

No Sweat was started by Kendra Doersam, a long-time exercise enthusiast who was sick of having sweaty, smelly, and stained clothing. Kendra thought using color-safe bleach worked for the task, but it would often wear out her clothing much faster. She sought to combine effective color-safe properties, which led to the creation of No Sweat.


No Sweat comes in two fragrances: Sweet Freesia and Citrus Rush, as well as a fragrance-free variety. I found the smells to be light and pleasant for both, especially the citrus option because I like citrus smells for my detergent. The clothes don’t come out smelling very strongly of either of the two fragrances. In fact, they don’t really come out smelling strongly of anything, which is the point.


My Experience

No Sweat can be used on its own, which is mostly how I used it, or as a detergent booster for the stuff you already use. The company recommends you use it as a booster if your gear is particularly dirty.


This detergent works great for athletic gear, which is how the company promotes it. Since it helps to remove sweat stains, I found that it worked well on my white business gear, as well. Whether it be an undershirt or a stubborn ring on the neck of a collar, No Sweat is ideal for eliminating any stain that comes directly from your body.


"Whether it be an undershirt or a stubborn ring on the neck of a collar, No Sweat is ideal for eliminating any stain that comes directly from your body."

I’ll admit I’m often lazy and will throw a lot of my clothes in together, whether they are athletic or not. In that case, I found No Sweat worked just fine cleaning my regular wash. In fact, when mixing it with regular detergent for mixed loads, it did the trick and I only needed half a dose, since it is concentrated and I’m not a heavy sweater.


The only downside of No Sweat is that it is an eye and skin irritant. It works partially because it contains borax and ethoxylated alcohols, so it may bother your skin if it gets on you directly. This wasn’t an issue at all for me, and most detergent is an irritant when directly applied. So this isn’t a particularly bad downside, but it's worth knowing about.


My Recommendation

No Sweat is an excellent detergent. It works best on people who find themselves sporting organic-based stains and smells, and works fine as a standard detergent as well. If you’re one of those people who is typically in need of some extra assistance in the laundry front, this is the right stuff for you.


No Sweat Laundry Detergent available in a four pack of 16oz size packets for $36.99 at