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Mindith Rahmat


Women's Fitness, Yoga, Natural Movement, Bodyweight Exercise, Kettlebells

yoga, sandals. meditation, yoga for athletes, crossfit, mood, mind body

yoga, sandals, meditation


Looking for the perfect gift for the yogi or fitness enthusiast in your life? Juil sandals are ultra comfortable, stylish, and designed with new and innovative barefoot technology. Juil sandals were created from the inspiration of Juliu Horvath, a renowned professional ballet dancer and creator of the Gyrotonic Expansion Exercise System. 



Why Juil Sandals?


Juil sandals incorporate a special Energy Flow Technology that keeps you grounded with the earth, allowing your energy to transfer freely. These sandals help the feet to breathe easily and feel as if they are barefoot. The copper Energy Flow Technology conductors work to restore a natural balance of energy. According to Juil “ . . . wearing traditional shoe soles block the energies we channel. Wearing traditional shoes also insulates you in ways that can be harmful to your wellness and wellbeing. Free radicals often associated with inflammatory and degenerative diseases are neutralized when you stay connected to the earth”. Juil shoes essentially free you to experience the world as you would if you were walking around barefoot.


yoga, sandals,wellness, meditation, mind body, crossfit, breath, mood, mind body


Comfort and Style

Juil sandals are available in 5 different styles for women and 3 styles for men. The shoes are ultra comfortable, soft and supple, and available in a variety of fun colors. The sandals include a leather upper and as well as the Energy Flow Technology conductors, which incorporates the copper insets for each toe and heel.


We tested the Brio style sandal in Pewter. The shoes were worn in a variety of environments over a 6 week period. Overall, I found the shoes to be amazingly comfortable, and I would be interested in buying more of these sandals in a variety of styles. The shoes were super easy to break-in and can be worn for extended periods of time, walking with ease and comfort. The soft leather upper part of the shoe do not rub between the toes like many sandals I have tried. These sandals are definitely at the top of my list for the most comfortable sandals I have ever worn.



Women’s sizes range from size 5 to 11. Men’s sizes range from size 7 to 13. If you wear a half-size, order the next whole size down.

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