Skin Barriers: Put an End to Sport Chafing

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I’m always surprised to hear when someone who I know runs, bikes, or swims for any amount of distance hasn’t heard of Body Glide. Athletes of all types can benefit from the anti-chafe properties of Body Glide and, from my personal distance running experiences, Body Glide is something I cannot and will not go without.


Skin Barriers: Put an End to Sport Chafing - Reviews, running, swimming, skin care, trial biking, professional athlete



The Magic of Body Glide

Body Glide is an anti-chafe, anti- blister skin barrier product that is designed to stop chafing on the skin pretty much anywhere on the body. It is dry and greaseless, so it won’t wreck any expensive biking shorts, sports bras, or wetsuits. If skin is touching anything during repeated strides or movement, chafe is something that can (and will) happen.


When I run for distance, I put Body Glide on any parts of my arms, legs feet, chest, that may be touching either other skin or material, like a shirt or sports bra. I’ve even put it between my toes, on the balls of my feet, and on my heels. Anywhere on the skin that is prone to rubbing or has dry, cracked skin is a great spot to apply Body Glide.


Skin Barriers: Put an End to Sport Chafing - Reviews, running, swimming, skin care, trial biking, professional athlete


The original Body Glide has been available since 1996, according to the website. The concept behind using Body Glide is to prevent chafe or irritation before the area requires first aid. Body Glide goes on smooth and is not greasy, but does stay put in water and with sweat. It is easy to remove with a wet washcloth and a bit of soap.



Body Glide at a glance


The Body Glide Trial

The types I tested were the “Body” and “Sun.” They have the same application process and feel very similar going on and during use. The “Sun” version has SPF 30+, and that is a very nice feature when you are doing anything outside during the summer or on a sunny day in the winter. Both Body Glide products stay on well through water exposure and sweating for approximately 80 minutes before re-application is necessary.


I’ve even used it on my bare feet to help with chafe while wearing strappy heels. Baby toe blisters were non-existent, such a blessing.


Over the years I have put Body Glide to the test time and time again. It has been my saving grace through many half marathons. I can honestly say I have never had chafe or blistering while using the product. If applied thoroughly, it will prevent chafe and red, rubbed raw skin and that’s the bottom line. The balm is designed to repel water while allowing skin to breathe. It is hypoallergenic and petroleum free.


The line of Body Glide products includes several varieties of the product and is available in some retail stores and on their website.


You will not regret this purchase.


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