Testing at-Home Mobility Training for CrossFit Enthusiasts

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All of us experience sore muscles. Most of us have range of motion troubles in one area or another. Many of us don’t address either issue. We really should. Lack of range can be a limiting factor no matter what our sport, and can lead to injury.


Improving Range of Motion

Romwod (Range of Motion Workout Of the Day) can help with this exact issue. These workouts are designed to increase the range of motion in the entire body over time when used consistently, although feeling better after the first workout is normal. These workouts aren’t yoga, aren’t stretching, and aren’t mobility, but instead are workouts designed to maintain strength while increasing range of motion.



Designed by CrossFitters, Romwod doesn’t require any special equipment. The workout videos are online and range from 20-60 minutes. All you need is your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The workouts are searchable by duration, by the area you wish to work on, and by date. Workouts are posted daily and are designed to follow a weekly program, should you desire.


The main concept behind Romwod is to work on range of motion while the body is cool. The workouts are designed not to warm the muscles, but instead allows them to lengthen while they are cool in order to get the best result possible. If the muscles become warm, then cool down, they can contract even more. These workouts are a great addition to rest and recovery days. If you use Romwod before a workout, they recommend that you also do a dynamic warm up before any lifting or conditioning.


Romwod offers a 7-day trial membership, which is a great way to show athletes what they offer. After the trial membership, the cost per month is $13.95 for an athlete or $24.95 per month for an affiliate to use as part of gym programming.



ROMWOD Screen Photo


Romwod Worked for Me

Before I began using Romwod regularly, I always had tightness in my hips and ankles. The lack of range of motion in my ankles limits my mobility when I squat. After using Romwod four times a week for three weeks, I felt a lot of improvement in those areas, not to mention all over. Some of the positions are hard to get into at first, but I kept working on them and tried not to avoid workouts that included my least favorite movements. Overall, I felt improvement, especially in my legs and back. The videos show modifications, if needed.


One thing that really impressed me about Romwod was the breathing guidance they give during the workouts. I often catch myself breathing very shallow at times due to stress or other pressures, but by following these videos, I am now more aware of my breathing in general. These videos are a great way to start the day, end the day, or just have a break between tasks.


I give Romwod a big thumbs up. The programming is easy to follow and offers practical instruction. And, with the 7-day trial, if you don’t like it, you haven’t committed to some crazy subscription. Personally, I would rather have the Romwod subscription over many other types of subscriptions out there. These workouts are useful, helpful, and provide something many of us are missing—range of motion.


ROMWOD At a Glance

7-Day free trial

Real results and help with range of motion

No equipment needed

Can be used on computer, tablet or smart phone

Eaailiy searchable instructional videos


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