Say Hello to Super D and Dusty, and Welcome Back Holley Mangold!

Holley Mangold is back to journaling with us, Donnie Thompson is getting us stronger and more mobile, and Dusty Hyland teaches us a muscle-up.

Mr. 3000 Wants You To Be Mobile AND Strong

Donnie Thompson is the Strength and Mobility Director for twenty-two clinics in South Carolina. Oh yeah, and he squats over 1,000 pounds. His powerlifting total is 3,000 pounds! A former Arena Football League player, Donnie found powerlifting in 1998 and went on to make history with his total, and has eight all-time world records.

Donnie will be gracing us with a weekly video where he shares his knowledge, of both mobility work and strength training. Look out for the latest from Donnie every Monday.

Watch Donnie’s first video:

Super D Video: Shoulder Mobility Work

Achieve Virtuosity With Dusty Hyland

dusty hyland, dusty, crossfit dogtown, crossfit gymnastics, gymnasticsDusty Hyland is the co-owner and head gymnastics coach of DogTown CrossFit, in Culver City, California. He is also on the team at CrossFit Gymnastics> and co-wrote the soon to be released book Breaking Parallel with Jeff Tucker. Dusty has coached some of the best CrossFitters in the world, and in his free time he’s a stuntman. So Dusty knows a little bit about how to make the human body work and move properly.

To get us started Dusty is progressing us through the skills needed for the coveted muscle-up. Watch out for his videos and practice your skills in between, so you too can get your first muscle-up.

Learn gymnastics from Dusty:

Virtuosity – Gymnastics, Vol 1: Grip

Virtuosity – Gymnastics, Vol 2: Hollow Hold

Read Olympian Holley Mangold’s Training Journal

holley mangold, olympics, london olympics, 2012 olympics, weightliftingIf you were with us leading up to and during the Olympics then you were probably reading the training journal of Olympian Holley Mangold. Holley represented the U.S. as an Olympic weightlifter, but tragically, she injured her wrist the week of competition. Holley showed a lot of heart by doing her best at the Games, despite her injury.

Now, Holley is getting back into training after surgery and she wants to share her journey with you once again. Look for monthly updates from Holley starting on October 19th. Find out how a world-class athlete recuperates from surgery and gets back on the platform.

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