Strategies That Can Take You From Good to Great in the Gym

Take a deep dive into muscle growth strategies, genetics and strength gains with Dr Joel Seedman.

This is one of many interviews that you can binge-listen on the Six Pack of Knowledge podcast page. I hope to bring you the best minds, the thought leaders, in hypertrophy and strength training, such as our guest here, Dr. Joel Seedman.

Joel has over 15 years of personal and team training, strength coaching, and nutritional counseling with the experience of working with a broad range of trainee populations. He maximizes performance and health by improving muscle function and movement mechanics in his practice.

In this episode, we dive deep on what causes a muscle to grow, the role of genetics on muscle and strength gains, the benefits of eccentric isometrics, factors that might inhibit your progress, and how it is that Joel is the most interesting man on the planet.

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