Street Sports: Alexandros Kolazas (Featured Photographer)

Baltimore artist and musician Alexandros Kolazas shows us the art of capturing moments from a smartphone.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Baltimore-based amateur photograper, Alexandros Kolazas. What makes Alexandros unique as a photographer is that his images aren’t the product of expensive equipment and software. Instead, he snaps his beautiful portraits of moments from everyday life with his iPhone.

Alexandros snapping photos and hitting up a local skate park.

Alexandros is a Maryland native who has resided in the city of Baltimore for the past year. Alongside some of his other favorite modes of expression, particularly his music, photography has been a hobby of Alexandros’ for quite some time. When we asked him what his main inspirations came from, he told us:

I really love Wes Anderson movies and his use of symmetry. I like to look for the geometric patterns that I see in the everyday. To me, if something is symmetrical, it is beautiful.

Being an avid skateboarder offers Alexandros many opportunities to capture moments of action in a variety of locations. Taking pictures of each other tends to be a fun game for him and his friends. When speaking of the advantage of using their phones as a way to capture their images, he explained:

When you have to rely on traditional camera equipment, there is something that needs to be sort of planned about the whole thing. You have to have the intention of being ready to take some photos. The thing about your phone is that most people have it on them at all times. It offers you opportunities to capture moments that you can’t really plan for, and that you might often miss.

The lesson that Alexandros may inspire in others is that photography becomes meaningful from inspiration and intention rather than a choice of equipment. For our readers with smartphones and who participate in some sort of athletic endeavor, don’t be afraid to use that tool in your hands to start snapping away. You might surprise yourself with what you are able to capture in life’s little moments.

You can follow Alexandros and his photography on Instagram at @bloodmobile.

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