Strength & Conditioning – Al Kavadlo: Week 2, Day 3

If you want to master basic bodyweight movements, don’t miss these exclusive workouts designed by calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo.

This four-week program is designed by calisthenics expert and author Al Kavadlo. Three workouts are posted each week and cover a total of twelve bodyweight exercise progressions and tutorials, including everything from pull ups, to pistols, to the infamous human flag. If you’re joining late in the game, feel free to jump right in!

Week 2, Day 3: Lunges

Once you’ve gotten the hang of squats, lunges are the next exercise you should bring into your leg routine. Lunges work your entire lower body and offer a unique stability challenge compared to traditional squats.

Lunges are typically performed by stepping forward, then lowering yourself down until your back knee is just above the ground. It’s common to alternate legs, continuing forward with each step (often called a “walking lunge”).

Lunges can also be done by stepping backwards (“back lunge”), sideways (you guessed it – ”side lunge”), or any other way you can think to do them. A stationary lunge is sometimes called a “split squat.”

When doing lunges, stay mindful of keeping your front foot totally flat and not letting the heel up (the heel of your back foot ought to be up, however). Also make sure to keep your posture and don’t allow your front knee to cross in front of your toes.

When lunges are no longer a challenge, start working on harder variations like jump lunges.

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