Strength & Conditioning – Jeff Tucker: Week 3, Day 1

The final week of workouts from Featured Coach Jeff Tucker. Work on basic gymnastics skills and improve overall strength and athleticism with this three week cycle.

Jeff Tucker discovered gymnastics in middle school and thought his path was set, but a dune buggy accident would end his competitive gymnastics career before he could graduate from high school. So instead Tucker spent over twenty years as a firefighter and police officer, before returning again to gymnastics – this time as a coach.

Tucker currently runs GSX gym in Fort Worth, Texas and is also the head of CrossFit Gymnastics>. He travels the world teaching gymnastics and teaching others how to coach it, as well. For three weeks he’ll be sharing his gymnastic-centered programming with us here on Breaking Muscle.

Four new workouts are posted each week, starting on Monday, and can be done on any day you have available. Make sure you warm up adequately before starting any of these workouts!

To learn more about Tucker, read our feature interview:

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Workout #1

3 Rounds for Time and Form:

Ring Support Hold: The locked-out position on top of the rings, with rings turned out at 45 degrees. This is known in gymnastics as a cross support.

Beginner: 5 x 10sec. holds

Advanced: 5 x 15sec. holds

10 Pistols

15 Ring Pushups

20 Wall Ball Setups (Feet against wall, with ball on chest, sit back and have shoulders touch the ground, then sit up and throw the ball 3 inches up the wall.)

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