Author: Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker grew up a football player in Texas. He also rode broncos and played baseball. In middle school he discovered gymnastics and thought his path was set, but a dune buggy accident would end his competitive gymnastics career before he could graduate from high school. From there Tucker set his sights on fire fighting and law enforcement and would spend over twenty years in those professions before again returning to gymnastics full time. This time around, however, it would be as a coach. Jeff Tucker currently runs GSX gym in Fort Worth, Texas and is also the head of CrossFit Gymnastics>. He travels the world teaching gymnastics and teaching others how to coach it, as well. To learn more about Tucker, read our feature interview: Featured Coach: Jeff Tucker, Part 1 – Cowboy-Firefighter-Gymnast Featured Coach: Jeff Tucker, Part 2 – Patience and Caring

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