Strength & Conditioning – Kevin Kearns, Workout 3: The Sandbag Seven

Kevin Kearns knows what it means to train like a fighter – he has trained successful UFC fighters for many years. Now you can get a chance at these exclusive hardcore workouts.

Kevin Kearns knows what it means to train like a fighter – he has trained UFC fighters like Kenny Florian, Stephan Bonnar, and Marcus Davis for a living for many years. Now you can get a chance at these hardcore workouts, that also happen to be a lot of fun.

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Workout 3: “The Sandbag Seven”

Sand bag training is as old as training itself.  Someone centuries ago people figured out if you take a sack and fill it will anything that shifts, it’s a functional, real world workout. Anyone can benefit from this as well, whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior. At Burn with Kearns we use them regularly for everybody from soccer moms to our Spencer Fishers (professional MMA fighter).

They are so easy to use and can be done almost anywhere. One of my top clients, who travels a lot, had a great concept on the road and took this to another level. He said “Coach, I love these sand bag workouts and I came up with a great idea for when I travel. Since bringing the sandbag filled is not practical, anywhere I am in the world I can find 20 lb bags of rice. I fill the bags with 40 lbs of rice and I’m good to go!” Great idea, in my opinion.

Here are some of the top reasons we like these workouts:

  1. Simple and effective
  2. Functional carry over
  3. Inexpensive equipment cost
  4. Increase overall strength and cardio
  5. Useful for all ages

The “Sand Bag Seven” is available on our Basement DVD1. Here are the exercises we like to use. We do this in a circuit of 30 seconds each for beginners, 45 seconds for advanced, and 1 minute for extreme fitness. Multiple trips can be used to simulate rounds of a fight.

1. Squat curl and press: Feet shoulder width apart. Squat down. As you rise up pull the bag up to your chest, and press it over your head as you rise.

Pro tip: Keep your head up.

2. Overhead lunges: Stand upright with the bag over your head, step forward with one leg and bend the front knee, push off the ground and explode back to your original position.

Pro tip: Keep your knee over your ankle on your front leg

3. Bent over rows: Lean forward from the waist with the bag in your hands. Keep your back flat as you bring the bag up to your chest in a rowing motion.

Pro tip: Keep your back slightly arched and your head up.

4. Shoulder toss: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and the bag in your hands at your chest. Toss the bag up in front of your shoulders explosively.

Pro tip: Bend your knees when you catch the bag.

5. Dead lift one leg: Grip the bag against your chest as you stand on one leg. Lean forward as you bend your standing ankle, knee, and hip. Return to upright position.

Pro tip: Keep the bag tight to your body.

sandbag, featured coachsandbag, featured coach

6. Overhead stair carries: Grip bag and place it over your head. Find a staircase and walk up and down the stairs keeping your abs engaged.

Pro tip: Make sure to pull your belly button in.

7. Rotational pick ups – Place the bag on a chair or bench. Rotate your opposite foot to the bench or chair and pick up the bag. Repeat on the other side.

Pro tip: Make sure to turn your ankle with your hip.

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