Supplement Your Life with Fresh Juice

Discover if juice is a good addition to your meal plan with this sturdy pulp ejection juicer from Omega

I need to be honest. I’ve never used a juicer before. So, Omega really put their juicer to the test by sending it to a total beginner. As far as usability and practicality goes, I am the perfect person to test this juicer. Why? Because I have no idea what I’m doing and need as much help from the instruction manual and website as possible. This was a true test whether this product is good for an average consumer—and that would be me.

Along with the juicer came the recipe book “Fresh Juice and Healthful Recipes.” The book is sold separately from the juicer, but I will include a bit of information on it here because it provides some good insight into juicing and juice cleanses from the Omega team, what smoothies are, and what a juice cleanse is all about.

The Omega Mega Mouth Juicer

This particular juicer is what is called a centrifuge pulp-ejection juicer. This Omega model is designed to accommodate whole fruit due to a larger than usual feed chute, and thus should cut down on your preparation time. In general, a juicer such as this has a bit easier time breaking down more fibrous fruits and vegetables.

The unit is dual speed, and is designed for high capacity juicing. The pulp is automatically ejected from the unit to obtain the largest amount of juice possible in minimal time. The side of the unit is where the pulp is caught, for convenience.

The finish of this juicer is black and silver with seven components and easily removable, washable parts. The manual has very clear cleaning and maintenance instructions. The unit itself doesn’t have a ton of parts, so it makes the use very straightforward and simple.

There are many options for juicers on the site. At $149.95, this juicer is a great starting point if you are new to juicing. Some of the juicers range up to $500 depending on what you would like the juicer to do. Choosing this juicer is a great way to get the feel for juicing. Many comparable juicers are about the same price.

Something to note would be that a juicer extracts the pulp, whereas a blender blends the whole ingredient. Spending some time researching what type of juice or smoothie system you would want to add to your lifestyle would be a good idea, especially when you are looking at about $150 to get going with one of these units.

Omega Juicer Collage

Putting the Mega Mouth to Use

Unpacking the Mega Mouth was easy. There really are only a few parts, and all of them are easily removable from the unit. The pulp receptacle bin is quite large and holds a large amount of pulp while juicing.

I wanted to try a recipe that included both softer, pulp fruit and a tougher vegetable. I chose to try the recipe (located on the Omega website) for Grapefruit, Carrot, and Ginger Juice. This recipe is literally two grapefruit, five carrots, and one inch of ginger. The manual suggests alternating softer fruit with vegetables and the unit worked great when I followed that advice. Using this juicer to create juice to use in smoothies is another great approach.

The unit itself was much more noisy while juicing the carrots, as the manual said to expect. The recipe disclaimer did say that the amount of the outcome varies based on ingredients. The machine did well pulverizing and extracting the juice. It is always remarkable to me that carrots even have juice.

The juice was very good and fresh. I drank it at once.

Cleaning the juicer was easy. All the parts are hand-washable, or there are dishwasher instructions in the manual. The manual suggests soaking the juicing screen weekly if the juicer is used on a daily basis because the pulp can accumulate in the mesh, and this can affect machine function.

“Fresh Juice and Healthful Recipes”

The “Fresh Juice and Healthful Recipes book is available for purchase on the Omega website for $14.95-$29.95 depending on if there is a promotion on it at the time of purchase. The book is well-written and contains a lot of great instruction for juice cleanses and goes over the philosophy behind what a juice cleanse entails with three, seven, and 14 day options for each cleanse.

The book is not only for the Mega Mouth juicer, but also includes instructions for recipes to prepare with other juicers with different features. So, there are many recipes that are not appropriate with this particular juicer.

My recommendation is to check out the Omega website and peruse the free recipes available before choosing to purchase the book. The recipes in the book begin with Chapter 5.

The website has a variety of free recipes that are for use with many of their juicers and blenders.

Omega Juicer At a Glance

Do Your Research

Before purchasing a juicer, do your research. And don’t forget, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The Omega website does a good job lining out the recipes and indicating what machine to use for the recipe. Sometimes a juicer is the way to prepare the recipe, sometimes it’s a blender instead. For the price of this juicer, it is an affordable way to get started with juicing as part of your daily or weekly routine.

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