School kept me busy this week, but I managed to make it to an amazing seminar over the weekend.
This week I started rolling harder, lifting more, and dialing in my diet. It was a good week.
To maintain your movements and conditioning, what you do on days you are not grappling is critical to your success in BJJ.
I'm starting to learn how to achieve balance in my training, and it's a great feeling.
It's official: If I can come up with the means, I've decided to head to Worlds in about a month.
"That's gross and I'm never doing that." That was my thought the first time I saw people training Brazilian jiu jitsu.
It is Sam Spiegelman's goal to provide BJJ practitioners with everything to keep training for a lifetime.
Although I've shifted my Olympic weightlifting focus, I know it helps me as a grappler and I was happy to get back to lifting this week.
I have a short break from school, and I'm taking the time to up my intensity and have fun with my training.
Valerie Worthington's journals portray the immense value and annoying struggles of competing in BJJ.
Last Saturday I competed in the New York Open and lost my very first match to a guy who beat me two years ago.
I had high expectations going into my match on Saturday, but it didn't go as I had planned.
Although I wasn't as prepared as I usually am, last weekend's tournament turned out to be a huge success.
I own about forty rashguards and these are the ones I wear the most. I tried to narrow the list down to five, but I just couldn’t do it!
The BJJ game is changing in ways being missed by many in the community. Are you keeping up?
This was a lighter training week due to school, sickness, and preparation for the Boston Open next weekend.
Spring break came to a close this week, and I wasn't ready. Fortunately, my training helped me get through it.