Elite Programming

Day three of week three of programming from Sean Waxman involves hang power cleans, front squats, and deadlifts.
Day two of our third week of Olympic weightlifting programming from Sean Waxman. Today - back squat and hang power clean.
Our final week of programming from coach Sean Waxman begins today with back squats, deadlifts, and behind the neck presses.
Week two of our workouts from Olympic weightlifting coach Sean Waxman concludes with front squats and overhead squats.
Day three of week two in our programming from Sean Waxman includes back squat, hang power clean, and deadlift.
Day two of week two of our three weeks with Olympic weightlifting coach, Sean Waxman. Today involves back squat, hang power cleans, and more.
Week two of Olympic weightlifting with world-class coach, Sean Waxman, begins today! Jump in!
Week one of our training with Olympic weightlifting coach Sean Waxman concludes with front squats, hang power cleans, and good mornings.
Day three of our first week of training with featured coach, Sean Waxman. Sean is an Olympic weightlifting coach out of Southern California.
Day two of our first week of programming from Olympic weightlifting coach, Sean Waxman. Join in on the training - get strong and practice your Olympic lifting technique.
Get started today on four weeks of Olympic weightlifting training with featured coach Sean Waxman.
Our final workout from featured coach, Chris LaLanne. Today's workout focuses on the upper body as well as cardio conditioning on the rowing machine.
Work on strength and muscular endurance with today's lower body focused workout from Chris LaLanne.
Work on your thrusters today in our strength & conditioning workout from Chris Lalanne.
Work your strength with bench press and your cardio with burpees, box jumps, and pull ups. Today's workout begins our final week from featured coach, Chris LaLanne.
Cycle 1 will experiment with different modalities to build upper body strength to aid in the development of the handstand, essential for core strength, upper body strength, and balance.
Week 2 of programming from Chris LaLanne concludes with strength work on the front squat and a 3 round cardio-weightlifting combination.