The 2013 Top 10 Fitness Blog Contest – Nominate Your Favorite Blog to Win!

Have a favorite fitness blog? Think they deserve to be recognized as one of the best? Nominate them here! The 20 most nominated sites go before our judges to be considered for the Top 10!

Our Annual Top 10 Fitness Blog Contest Begins!

We need your help in determining the Top 10 Fitness Blogs on the Internet. The Internet is a big place and there’s a lot of great stuff out there. It can also be a bit overwhelming. We are going to select the top 10 best resources for fitness information from the blogs you regularly read – and then share that information with you. The Top 10 winners will be awarded a badge for their website to proudly display the honor you helped them achieve.

How to Nominate:

  1. Nominate your favorite blog (just one!) by commenting below and including why you like the blog. Only one nomination per person. Include a link to the blog. The last day for nominations is February 28, 2013.
  2. On March 1st we will announce the top 20 finalists. That is, the 20 fitness blogs receiving the most nominations.
  3. These top 20 finalists will be reviewed by our esteemed panel of awesome (and very fit) judges who will then, along with our Managing Editor, select the final Top 10 Fitness Blogs of 2013.



Include a link to the site and why you think it’s the best.

Who Can Enter:

Any fitness blog run by an individual. Corporations and big companies are not allowed to enter. Think of your favorite blogs run by a coach, athlete, or nutrition geek. What sites do you visit for info from an expert delivered on a personal level? And you visit them regularly and love the info you get? That’s who you should nominate!

Our Amazing Panel of Judges:

charles staley, strength training, mature athlete, coaching, adviceCharles Staley – Charles is known as a visionary, an iconoclast and a rule-breaker. Prominent both the United States and across the globe, Charles is recognized as a authoritative coach and innovator in the field of human performance. His knowledge, skills and reputation have lead to appearances on NBC’s The TODAY Show and The CBS Early Show, along with numerous radio appearances. He has penned more than a thousand articles for major publications and online websites in the industry. Find Charles online at Target Focus Fitness.

nicki violetti, on ramp, frontdeskhq, front desk inc, robb wolfNicki Violetti – Nicki Violetti is a co-founder of Front Desk Inc. She is also the co-owner of NorCal Strength & Conditioning in Chico, CA, which Men’s Health named one of the Top 30 gyms in America. She is noted for her development of the “On Ramp” concept for introducing new clients to mixed modal CrossFit-style training and published a programming template and implementation guide in a two part series in The Performance Menu in May and June 2009. The On Ramp is now adapted and utilized in thousands of micro gyms worldwide. Violetti is a sought-after fitness business consultant and blogs at

nick horton, nicholas horton, iron samurai, zen and weightliftingNick Horton – Nick Horton is not your average Olympic Weightlifting coach. He’s been practicing Zen meditation for over a decade and applies the lessons he’s learned to both his coaching and to his writing. Nick is certified through both USA Weightlifting and CrossFit as an Olympic Weightlifting Coach. He is the owner and head coach of PDX Weightlifting, the largest Olympic weightlifting club in the state of Oregon. He can also be found online via his blog, The Iron Samurai, which can be summed up by its subtitle: Zen and the Art of Weightlifting.

jennifer fader, jennifer fader scott, social media, top 10 fitness blogsJennifer Fader – Jennifer is a self-described information junkie. Among her most exciting accomplishments is shaping the nascent stages of social media, helping one of her first employers, a Fortune 500 company, step its way beyond AOL and dial-up modems. She also oversaw and conceptualized the world’s first event to be covered on Twitter (LiveEarth) and co-founded the first social media marketing agency in the U.S., SocialRadius, and ran her own agency, Synchronicity Mediam for seven years. In late 2007, she was recruited to Rogers & Cowan, the world’s biggest entertainment marketing and PR agency to build their first digital department. There, Jennifer represented clients in the entertainment, digital media, and consumer technology sectors as well as talent and personalities.


Include a link to the site and why you think it’s the best.