The 21-Day Kettlebell Challenge: Day 13

Yes, it is another rest day, but you can still challenge yourself in other ways.

Day 13 of 21

Rest Day

Today is a good day to work on building your skills, training on technique or, taking a spa day.

I decided to give myself a personal challenge to do a full set of 10 pull ups each as well as this challenge.

This is my first time attempting a mixed grip, with a change in the air and finishing the other half without stopping. The other half was brutal as you can tell because switching grips I almost lost my grip and ran out of some needed energy to complete my challenge.

Nevertheless, I achieved my 10 neck to the bar pull ups even though it wasn’t easy. Luckily I still managed to keep my traps and neck from tensing at all. At this point it was mind over matter. Your mind controls so much more than you think! This proved it to me!